books I love to read

Books I Love to Read

I absolutely love reading and it’s by far my favourite way to spend my time. I have lots of new books to read this year but I read, and re-read some fantastic books in 2016. I like reading all kinds of books really, mostly fiction, as I feel it gives me a real sense of escapism however I do enjoy relatable, comedy non-fiction works too. I think I prefer books that lighten the mood rather than have a strong sense of drama, but I also really enjoy fast paced thrillers too.

My favourite book was a fantastic story, Hex, which I downloaded on my Kindle after reading the blurb in Waterstones. Both Adam and I thought it sounded great and had a bit of a competition when reading to see who could finish it first. Despite him starting before me, I actually beat him, and smirked when I knew the ending before he did. It was a great read full of intrigue, strange happenings and just a really, weird feeling. A sort of sense of dread but with some dark, odd humour. It’s well worth a read.

I also took the time to read some firm favourites including Girl on the Train, Me Before You and After You. All three books really stand out for me as exceptional reads and I finished them all very quickly. I’m quite a fast reader anyway, especially when I get hooked into a plot and I do tend to procrastinate by reading rather than working sometimes.

I enjoy listening to Audiobooks, especially on the school run, with my choice provider, Audible. This year I was introduced to a new series, The Afterlife Saga by Stephanie Hudson. I listened to the first three books on Audible and then found out the rest were available on Kindle Unlimited. I’m eagerly awaiting the next book because I just can’t wait to find out what happens next. I’m really intrigued by the characters in the story, my favourite being Pip, a cute, funny and quirky Imp who just happens to have her very own nerdy Adam. It’s supernatural romance with a lot of sex and a lot of horror but they’re good, fun reads.

The Glittering Court was another fantastic listen by Richelle Mead who I actually think is one of my favourite Young Adult authors. She has so much talent and can write in so many different styles that I really admire her. I loved The Glittering Court and often find myself listening to it over and over again. I’m really looking forward to the next installment in the trilogy. The Immortal Crown is another book I’ve listened to by Richelle Mead however I didn’t know it was the second in the series so I’ve missed a bit out. Reading the first book is high on my to do list as I’ve been listening to this a lot recently.

Another great horror series was an interesting spin based on the Alice in Wonderland characters. Alice, by Christina Henry is really fast paced and the ending is just not what I expected at all. I went on to read The Red Queen shortly after finishing and enjoyed both books. They’re very different to other horror stories and have a sort of rhythm whilst reading them which I really loved.

I think my favourite book last year was Goldenhand by Garth Nix which is a series I absolutely loved as a teenager. I read Clariel a little while ago which was a spin off book from the series but I didn’t know there was a fourth book following Abhorsen which I read for the first time so many years ago. I remember reading Sabriel, the first book in the series, when I was still at school and the chapter where we are introduced to the Mordicant has always really stuck with me. It gave me a bit of a scare the first time I read that scene. A fantastic series, again in the Young Adult catergory but it is all about magic and death. Nix’ interpretation of death in this series has always really intrigued me.

So there you have it, some great reads which I really recommend you taking a look at.

What was your favourite book of 2016?


  1. I loved the girl on the train. It took a wee while to get into but once I did I loved it! #DreamandSparkle

  2. Great reading list! Am currently reading The Unmumsy Mum and have been lol-ing a lot and find her perspective very relateable, am going to try Hurrah for Gin next actually as follow her on FB and always giggle at her posts. They’re so inspiring to bloggers as well, oh to publish a book one day eh?! #dreamandsparkle

  3. I keep meaning to read The Girl on the Train! You’ve just reminded me I need to get on with it!


  4. I love to read fiction too. I think my favourite books are by Ken Follett, Philippa Gregory, and John Irving. They’re all very different authors but I love their work for very different reasons. I’m also a huge John Steinbeck fan. Too bad there are no new books by him. #DreamandSparkle

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