I Can Dream…If I Won The Lottery…

This is a collaborative post.

I think we enjoy playing this game don’t we? Thinking about the vast improvements a huge injection of cash could bring into our lives. How we’d better ourselves, experience culture and solve household issues. Obviously, you have to be in it to win it and these day’s it’s pretty easy to enter lottery and winning draws abroad. Looking at the US Powerball with Lottoland which you can play at home here in the UK even a share of those winnings would be a pretty life changing sum of money for me. I think it’s great that we can take part in these world wide lotteries now as it gives you a bit more choice in where you want to play.

We all want to do the usual things don’t we? So let’s pretend, you’ve won a few million, you’re excited…what do you do? Here’s how I’d spend my winnings.

  1. Pay Off Debt
    Absolutely this would be the first thing I’d do. I’d clear the credit cards, the debts, the payment plans and I’d renew everything I needed to in full for the year. I’d pay in some extra rent and council tax so that I could focus on buying a home outright with my winnings.
  2. Buy A Home
    At this time in my life I have no plans to get a mortgage or buy a house. I’m kind of okay with renting because I don’t fancy saving up for massive deposits. If I won I’d buy a family home for us, possibly in a new area so that we could relocate. I’d also want to invest in property to rent out to continue with future income or perhaps buy a mobile or holiday home in Cornwall to use for our UK holidays.
  3. Mega Cruise
    I love a cruise, it’s no secret, and my absolute dream is a 3 month around the world cruise. May have to wait a few years though as I’m not sure they’re particularly child friendly but it would be an absolute dream to do. In the mean time, I’d book a few cruises for us so we could have some fun family holidays and see a bit more of our beautiful planet.
  4. Get Adam Driving
    I don’t drive and probably never will, but I’d happily fund Adam driving, sort him out an alright car and his insurance. He is actually learning and has an interest in driving unlike me so it makes the most sense that he continues with that and I’d love to be able to help him.
  5. Learn Things
    I’d absolutely pay to take a course in something I had passion for or to help me learn a new skill. I think that would be a lot of fun and a way of reinvesting in myself.

I’m sure there are lots of other things I’d love a chance to do if I won the lottery and that’s really only something that’s going to happen by using sites like Lottoland. Do you use any sites like these to play the lottery abroad? What would you spend you’re winnings on?

Disclaimer: Gambling and playing the lottery can be a bit of fun, but if you feel you may have a problem with gambling or feel you have an addictive personality then please seek advice before placing your bets.

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