Can we just stop hating?

direct sales memeToday has been a pretty normal day but this one meme that’s been cropping up all over social media has really got to me. Trust me, I know I have haters on my Facebook, that don’t give two hoots about my life or are just happy to try and put me down but I also have a lot of great people all over my social media that help me feel empowered and lifted. I keep those people around me because I know that surrounding myself with positive people will help keep my attitude positive. I also have a huge amount of direct sales and multi-level marketers on my Facebook which is great, I will always try and support you if I can. What I won’t support is complete disrespect for my life choices.

My life is none of your business.

What I sell – if you don’t want to buy it – is NONE of your business. Scroll on. Delete me. Block me. I do not care. But don’t you dare start telling me that I’ve made bad life decisions.

Your opinion of me is not my problem, it’s none of my business, I’m not interested in listening to it.

All this hatred has got to stop.

I understand there’s a lot of spam all over Facebook and you are probably sick of seeing some of it. But did you ever stop to think that behind every post suggesting a lipstick, a body wrap, a shake is a person that is trying to make a better life for themselves? They might have kids that want swimming lessons, gym club, they might already have a full-time job and are desperately trying to claw back some of the money they spend on childcare bills so that their family gets the best of both worlds. They probably don’t have much spare time because they are working so hard trying to create a strong residual income in the future so that they don’t have to worry about dwindling pension funds. They are trying to make their own future.

Some of you may have had a bad experience with direct sellers and if that’s the case then instead of being rude remember that person might just be desperate for that sale and have no idea how to get it. Teach them, or say ‘No Thank You’ and block them. That’s all you need to do.

Stop telling me I work for a pyramid selling company, when I don’t. I don’t tell you how much I hate your job. I don’t slate the company you work for all over social media. Instead, I have to read about how much you hate Mondays. I have to read how desperate you are for payday and how you’re relying on a bonus but you have no idea how much you’re going to get. I have to read how you want more time with your kids, how your childcare bills are so high you want to scream. But I don’t mind, because I was that person too and I changed my life. I went out and made a change to my personal circumstances and now I don’t moan about it. I don’t dread payday because that’s the day all the bills are coming out. I get to spend time with my daughter and my boyfriend.

Going back to the meme that’s circulating – no, I didn’t aspire to be in direct sales when I was seven, I probably wanted to be a princess. Then I wanted to be a writer – which is actually what I am in my ‘day’ job. But I love direct sales because of the freedom it is giving me and the way I can build a residual income which is a fantastic extra income for my family.

If you don’t like direct sales then turn a blind eye, block, delete, don’t get involved…whatever, but seriously, stop bitching about it. You are judging someone’s life choice which is unfair. In fact, some of the abuse I’ve seen is actually bullying. Join me or leave me be, but know this – I wouldn’t judge what you do, and I would keep my opinions about it to myself, so can you please do the same?




  1. This! I had my first negative comment on my blog yesterday asking if I’m pregnant! I was mortified (I’m NOT pregnant) but released that everyone online has an opinion. Carry on doing what you’re doing lovely x

    1. Author

      Completely true, behind screens people are a little more fearless and seem to think that means they can be rude! Thank you 🙂 x

  2. Don’t let negative people bring you down, (easier said than done, I know) some people can just be so rude as they are hiding behind a computer screen. We all have choices to make in life and everybody should respect that. 🙂 #sundaystars

    1. Author

      I get exactly what you mean! I try to be so much more positive and I’m a happier person for it 🙂

  3. couldn’t agree more, if people just smiled and waved and passed by things they didn’t like then the world would be a much nicer place. #sundaystars

  4. Such an interesting post 🙂 I began my blog as a mental health platform after suffering PND but since I love blogging so much I’ve slowly begun adding things like reviews and sponsored posts etc. I’m anxious that the friends I have made the MH angle are going to think I’m “selling out” etc, and the other day I saw one of my friends saying how she hated seeing all the Tweets from mummy bloggers promoting and reviewing “free stuff.” Although she was in no way aiming it at me, and may not have even noticed the changes in my blog, it really hurt my feelings because these are people I really respect and my MH posts are still incredibly important to me. Thing is, I love blogging and if I have the opportunity to make a little money from it I’m going to take it – just hope I don’t piss off my friends on the way :-/ Thanks for sharing x #sundaystars

  5. If I’m added to a page thats selling something i am not interested in I just don’t don’t join the page I would never hate on someone trying to build a career for themselves its just ridiculous! Thanks for linking up to #sundaystars x

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