celebrating an adult birthday during lockdown

despite us all being locked down and me being 95% certain we have all have covid-19 with adam getting the most unwell, we do kind of have to keep on keeping on. which means amongst this, we will be ‘celebrating’ adam’s 29th birthday next month and it will be a weird one. although not the first adam has been unable to do what he enjoys on his birthday (aka his 22nd birthday where he had glandular fever for three months)

i’ve asked him a few times what he’d like to do this year given that we will be pretty restricted and i thought we are not the only ones thinking and feeling this. there will be many other adults celebrating birthdays alone or in the confines of their own home, unable to visit other family members, unable to go to the pub for a few drinks. i don’t know what the situation will be like at the start of may but i very much doubt we will be back to normal, or close to it.

so this year for adam’s birthday we will be quietly celebrating with a home baked cake, a small selection of gifts which will probably be beer and chocolate, a lie in, and something nice for dinner. birthday wishes will be through phonecalls, texts or delivered birthday cards. there will be no cinema date, no dinner out (although thankfully, i am an excellent cook) and a day full of parenting a toddler. we can get out, hopefully still, for a walk as a family. we can cozy up under blankets with a baileys when the kids have gone to bed. we can play a video game together. we can still make it a nice day, one that will be remembered because of the weird situation rather than the remarkable celebration.

we can make up for it next year, when hopefully, we will have loads to celebrate from adam turning 30 to him graduating university. when this is all over and in the future we can go away for the weekend, we can spend a day at the beach and we can arrange a babysitter for a cinema date. we can have that meal out.

for anyone else that has had to change or cancel their birthday plans, or any other celebration, wedding, event, holiday…it’s okay to be annoyed and sad at this. you can still acknowledge how important it is and think it’s a load of crap. you can still be disapointed. there’s no right or wrong way to feel about this situation, except maybe some of the conspiracy theories going around…they’re wrong. but whatever celebration you are having to postpone, i hope that you’re okay and that when you do celebrate it, it’s even more glorious because you got through this time right now.

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