celebrating friendships, send a card to a friend day

Celebrating Friendships

7th February is Send a Friend a Card day so I wanted to talk about how my friendships have changed over time. Growing up as social media really started to boom made connecting with people in school and college really easy. Each night I would be chatting away with friends on MSN and Myspace Chat. I’d find out about upcoming gigs thanks to those little Myspace bulletin messages and that allowed me to make new friends. At school, in particular, I didn’t have a massive circle of friends. I actually had a pretty small group although I spoke to a lot of people outside the group too, and in Year Eleven I had myself a boyfriend. This summer will have been thirteen years since I left school which is just absolutely crazy and sadly I haven’t maintained all of those friendships over time. I am, however, still very close to my best friend from school and from time to time still see and chat with that first boyfriend.

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My friendships through the years

Moving on through college I had another small group of lovely friends who I wish I saw more often but we all have lives, boyfriends, families, plans…it’s really hard to stay in touch. I think that is what’s really nice about Send a Card to a Friend day which Hallmark is really getting involved in. They have an absolutely gorgeous range of cards which are perfect for this occasion. I think sending a card to a friend is something that isn’t done as often so it’s nice to have a day dedicated to celebrating our friendships with others.

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Now I’m older I have completely different friendships which, thankfully, are made easier to stay in touch with thanks to the internet. When I found out I was pregnant I joined a discussion board on Netmums for first-time mums to be. Now we’ve moved over to Facebook and have our own little support group, we’ve met a couple of times around the country, once even in Disneyland Paris which was a great holiday. Some of the group now have a few more beautiful babies and the 8th birthdays are getting closer and closer. I am so thankful to have these women in my life, they’ve been fantastic support and a fountain of knowledge.

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The Superhero Itty Bittys are a cute way to give a gift to a friend!

Through blogging, I’ve also made some amazing friends who I get to see from time to time at events and conferences. Again there is a lovely group of us that speak each and every day, help each other out with blog work, offer encouragement and support, not just about blogging but life as well. These women, over the last year especially, have been great fun to have in my life and they make working from home a lot less lonely. I am so excited about attending Blog On in May so that I can see most of them again!

I have never really been one for a big group of friends, mainly due to my anxiety and also because I’m such a big introvert but the ones I have are a part of a bigger support network. Keeping in touch online has made this so much easier for me, however, there is nothing more thoughtful than receiving something in the post and I think that makes celebrating Send a Card to a Friend day worth noting in the calendar for years to come. It will certainly be a day where I think about my friendships.


A perfect friend day

I would love a chance to get together with my friends for a Spa break or a girly weekend away. As a mum, time away can be few and far between and there is nothing better than a proper pamper for the ultimate relaxation. Pair this with something fizzy to drink, decadent food and plenty of chocolate treats. A lovely smelling candle can show a friend you’re thinking of them and it’s a gift I would happily give. As is sharing a proper cuppa together and having a therapuetic chat.

gifts for friends

If you could give a gift to a friend, what would you send? 

Disclaimer: To celebrate Send a Card to a Friend Day I received a lovely bundle of goodies in exchange for this post. All opinions and experiences remain my own.

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  1. I grew up when the only social media was email! E-cards were really popular but so were actual postcards, not just when on holiday but as quick greetings.

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