Celebrating on Sunny Spring Days

Spring is here! Our holiday is getting closer! I have a lot to be grateful and thankful for. I love Spring, especially these lovely super sunny days and blue skies we’ve had recently.I have to admit my personal content has been really lacking on the blog which has frustrated me. To be honest I’ve just not been feeling it that much as I’ve had a few things on my mind but I am pleased to say things are looking onwards and upwards!

I went for an interview recently, I didn’t get the job, but something else has come along and I am firmly a believer in things happening for exactly the right reasons. Whilst I was disappointed that I didn’t get the job, I am feeling really positive with some new changes and projects I’m going to be working on over the next six months. Every turn and change will lead to something, sometimes it’s completely unexpected but for all the right reasons.

Sunny Spring Days, Park, Family

Evie has had some really difficult weeks recently. I’ve really struggled with her in the evenings so we’ve been trying to get out and about, seeing friends and family, trips to the park and enjoying the gorgeous, beautiful sunshine we’ve had. It’s times like these I absolutely hate not having a garden and outside space to work and allow Evie to play in. Sometimes you just don’t fancy going out do you? But the sunny weather we’ve had has really, really helped my mood.

I think Evie’s behaviour has been a bit on the naughty side because she has been waiting for the Easter holidays. We’re not doing anything, but I think she needed the break from school and the break in routine. She’s spending the first part with her Dad and will be back with me in time for Easter bank holiday weekend. I’m really looking forward to having Adam home for an extra night too as he’ll get Easter Sunday off work.

Spring Cleaning

We are doing a bit of spring cleaning at the moment much to Evie’s displeasure. I emptied all her toys that were all muddled up and under her bookshelf, the bed and stuffed anywhere she could stuff toys basically. She has not enjoyed the tidying process and I haven’t enjoyed the arguments about it. Decluttering really does improve the mood though doesn’t it? We’ve cleared out loads of unused products from the bathroom and clothes that were just being stored in the cupboard. We’ve thrown out old holey bed sheets that we don’t need to use. Next to tackle is the clothes in my draws and some of my older makeup and skincare that I just don’t want, use or need.

Feel Fresh Flowers Freesias, Spring

I was sent a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers as I am working with the lights by TENA to banish the taboo on light bladder weakness. They have some exciting news making silver in the MadeForMums awards. It feels great to be working with some fabulous brands like them. The flowers are bringing the Spring feeling inside.

Spring Days Out

We’ve enjoyed Creme Egg milkshakes and sunny evening walks – although it was a bit like Attack of 10,000 Midges. They’re so irritating! My nan has employed Adam as a gardener too, so he’ll be up there helping dig up some weeds for her and we get some more time with family too. Plus some time in a lovely sunny garden and I love spending time with my grandparents. We’re hoping to have a game of bowling too which I have to say I am absolutely rubbish at. The rest of the Easter holidays? Well, we will have to say how the weather is!

What have you been up to recently? Any Easter Holiday fun?


  1. Yay to Spring! I love decluttering but I always have to wait till the kids are in school to start. They never let me throw anything. They always need it all. A big thumbs up on staying positive! I believe in the same philosophy as you – things happen or don’t for a reason. Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink

  2. Getting out and enjoying the sunshine seems to make everything (and everyone!) a little brighter.
    I’m with you in that I strongly believe things happen for a reason and whilst you didn’t get your job it sounds like a more intersting project has come in, so good for you!
    Oh, a creme egg milkshake a donut – what’s not to enjoy about that?!

    Enjoy the Easter holidays; we have just started ours after a very long, seven week term.

  3. We’ve been decluttering this weekend – just the spare room (AKA dumping ground) so far but we got a huge bin bag or rubbish, same of recycling and 7 carrier bags for charity – all clothes, toys and random stuff. Feels so good! I always have to sort out the toys in secret as they never want to give anything away!
    Lovely sunny park photos & I love your positive attitude!

  4. I love a good old spring sort-out! We’re moving house shortly and I’m really enjoying the excuse to be ruthless with the clutter that I’ve accumulated in the 5 years that we’ve lived here. The sunshine just gives everything a new burst of life doesn’t it? Hope you’re having a lovely Easter. Thanks for linking up with #DreamTeam x

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