Changing The Flooring in your Home

This is a collaborative post.

Have you considered changing the flooring in your home? I grew up with wooden, solid and tile flooring throughout the downstairs of my parents home. They preferred hard flooring to carpets because they were easier to clean with pets. Now I’m living in my own place with children who are very good at creating mess I can completely understand their reasoning. We have a carpetted living room and bedrooms but the rest of the flat is solid flooring. I think I would probably copy my parents if I were to ever own a home I would want solid flooring throughout the downstairs area too.

There are many different types to choose from. I personally love stone effect flooring. It looks really cool but as it’s usually a little bumpy and rough I imagine it might sometimes be annoying to clean. Solid wood flooring seems like a great alternative too, especially if you want something a bit more upmarket than tiles or lino. Engineered wood flooring can be long lasting, moisture resistant and come with the colour and finish that best suits the decor in the home.

If solid flooring is installed correctly then it’s easy to clean and unlikely to stain. It’s easy to add a rug or two for some soft furnishing comfort and there are plenty of choices to suit taste and decor. Lots of hoovers have a hard floor mode which means they’re able to work better on cleaning the floors and you don’t have to worry about deep cleaning carpets. Solid floors are a great option for families because they’re so easy to clean and usually, if a room is well ventilated, quick drying too.

I think you can make wooden flooring really homely depending on your tastes and effect you’re going for. I love the idea of a bleached wooden flooring with lovely rattan furniture – this could work really well in a summer house or conservatory – for a bit of a beachy, seaside theme. I also really like the look of oak floorboards with big shaggy rugs and a pretty fireplace.

At the moment changing our flooring around is not really a priority or an expense we need to pay out for but eventually, if/when we do decide to buy a home I’m glad there are lots of options available and shopping around for what we want in our home should be quite simple – it will just be finding someone to fit everything for us!

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