Christmas Day 2016

We had a lovely Christmas Day with family this year. I wanted to finish writing this post on Boxing Day but I’m still sick. I’m sat here with a swollen throat and an almighty cough (thank you small child for passing on your germs) reflecting on the day we had yesterday. It’s always over so fast isn’t it? The build up lasts the whole month or longer, especially when Christmas cards are in the shops in August…anyway I digress. It’s all for one day, really. We’ve had a lovely week with seeing friends and family, visiting the Bombay Sapphire Distillery and of course celebrating Christmas.

I’m not religious, so Christmas for us is really just about being with loved ones and appreciating what you have. I’m so grateful that I was able to provide my daughter with a magical day, had so many family to visit and spend the day with and have a warm place to eat a hot meal. I was feeling a bit frustrated and disappointed with myself for being ill – typical of a mum isn’t it? Feeling guilty for genuinely being unwell and not wanting to let everyone else down.

Christmas Day, Star Wars PJs for Girls, purple pjs, princess leia

We began the festivities the night before with the first gift of Christmas PJ’s. A tribute to the now late Carrie Fisher. I was so sad to hear of her passing.

I didn’t sleep too well the night before and felt quite feverish through the night but managed to have a broken sleep until around 5am. When I did get up I noticed that Father Christmas had drunk his Whiskey and Rudolph had his carrots. Presents were under the tree and Evie’s stocking was full of little gifts and placed at the end of her bed. I made myself a lemsip and curled up on the sofa to watch old episodes of Hell’s Kitchen. It’s the first year I’ve not woke Evie up early and actually waited for her to run in to me. Of course she completely ignored her stocking and ran straight into the living room to check the plate before shouting “MUMMY SANTA’S BEEN!” which really just reminds you what it’s all about. We do the gifts and the early mornings and the stockings to hear the firm belief in their voices. I do Christmas for my daughter.

Stag with swag, christmas day

She was brilliant too. Waiting patiently for Adam to get out of bed and for me to make some coffees. She walked over to the Stag with Swag who had a bag full of chocolate (she insisted he stole them) with her stocking in her hand, glee in her eyes and a grin on her lips. She was so good. We sat and sipped our coffees whilst she opened up her stocking full of little gifts that Father Christmas had picked out just for her. We didn’t really do ‘big gifts’ this year because there hasn’t been anything she’s really wanted. She had little Shopkins, trolls and stationary to open which she absolutely loved and of course wanted to do it all.

christmas day gifts for girls

With the stocking discarded for another year we moved on to the gifts under the tree and opened a gift each together. It was really lovely to just spend that time, the three of us, enjoying our gifts together from each other. Adam opened up a Kindle Fire with a black fold case, Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition BluRay, a bomb cosmetics gift set with Superman themed products, lots of beer from Beer52 and my Dad, his favourite Monty Bojangles chocolates, the usual Lynx set and a lot of very yummy edible goodies. Evie opened up some Finding Dory colouring activities, a Barbie, a monster high doll, more Shopkins, a gorgeous makeup set, hair accessories and some lovely jewellery. She also got a Kindle with a lovely pink case thanks to my Dad so now we all have Kindles and I can finally use my own rather than lending it out! I felt very spoilt indeed with a gorgeous pair of Doc Martens which I really wanted and thought would be practical for the school run – it’s now just a case of wearing them in! I also got some products from the Zoella range in Superdrug, lovely new Make Up Revolution Lipsticks, bathbombs, frozen cocktails – which I will be enjoying on New Years Eve as long as I’m better. Evie selected a large red pom pom for me and a hand made bathbomb which is very pink and sparkly. I also got a lot of my favourite chocolates.

christmas day gifts for women

After a Christmas bath and some tasty bacon and sausage rolls we headed up to see Adam’s family for a drink which was lovely. Evie spent most of the morning walking around watching the fish and harassing Blue the dog who she just loves. We exchanged gifts and I came home with this beautiful cushion with a pretty Owl design and some lovely purple slippers. Evie has her first two sets of Num Noms which are scented little things that she spent a good deal of the evening playing with when we got home. Adam got a fantastic Game of Thrones mug and a Billy Connelly DVD which we will have to sit down and watch this week. We saw Adam’s sister on Friday and exchanged gifts then and she always gets Evie really lovely things. We were treated to lots of festive goodies, hot chocolates and the nicest Salted Caramel liquor – perfect in hot chocolates by the way!

christmas day dinner

We then walked over to my mums to have our Christmas dinner which was lovely. It’s so nice to sit around the table and have a meal together. I was surprised with Adam who put away four glasses of champagne and an after dinner Baileys too! Dinner was great and our crackers, as usual, had rubbish gifts in them. My mum always really tries hard when it comes to our Christmas gifts and tries to be as fair to us as possible. She gets me two traditional gifts every year. The first is a new tree ornament and this year it was a lovely Sleigh and Shoe which are great. The second is always split between me and my sisters where she splits a pack of socks between us. This year I lucked out and got two pairs! She seems to have started a new tradition of getting us each a different coloured Bathbomb from Lush and I hope that one continues! I got some really lovely stationary which I almost don’t want to use because it’s so pretty! My mum also, always, gets Adam some white chocolate so he has a little stash in the fridge. I never thought we really had any traditions but it seems like there are a few when it comes to gifts for each other.

christmas day gifts

After dinner we played some Randomise which is a really fun game to get involved with. My sisters also showed us the new Guitar Hero but by this point I was feeling absolutely rotten so we decided to head home. Thanks to my grandparents we got a lift back to the flat before spending the evening getting rid of toy packaging before curling up together and watching a couple of films. The last couple of days I have spent wrapped up on the sofa in my PJ’s recovering from a horrible virus. Today I feel a little bit better but I’ve pulled muscles in my chest from coughing. My throat is still a little sore but not quite as swollen as it was. My sinus’s itch and I constantly feel the need to sneeze but I don’t feel as sore or congested as I did. I have had about four nights of bad, broken sleep where each morning around 3am I’ve had to leave my bed and opt for snoozing on the sofa with various medicines. I’ve been taking vitamin and garlic supplements, rubbing sore areas with heat lotion, drinking about fifty hot drinks a day, wrapping hot towels around my neck and feeling really bloody sorry for myself. Thankfully Evie is now with her dad so at least she’s enjoying the rest of her Christmas holidays.

hot pink doc martens

I hope you’ve had a good Christmas and you’re looking forward to the New Year.


  1. loving the doc martins, so glad you managed to cope with christmas when feeling a bit under the weather and that things went your way x

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