Christmas Gifts from Paladone

Christmas Gifts from Paladone

Yes I know I’m still writing about Christmas gifts. You can check out a whole massive list of lovely things over on my Big Fat Christmas Gift Guide but today I’m getting specific and talking about three lovely gifts available from Paladone. Paladone have such an amazing and wonderful selection of gifts featuring merchandise from your favourite big names and brands. We’ve recently received some pretty fabulous products from Paladone that have been a big hit in our household and I hope they will be for you too.

R2-D2 Travel mug, Discovery Channel Smartphone telescope

    1. Discovery Channel Smartphone Telescope
      I love all the gadgets you can get these days that enhance your smartphone and having this telescope and tripod kit created by the Discovery Channel is really cool. The tripod is easy to use and really flexible so you can get the most out of the 10x zoom telescope. It gives you a chance to see a little more of the night sky on a clear night with the help of your smartphone and would make a lovely gadget for anyone interested in astronomy. The lens clips onto the camera and gives you a chance to take super clear distance photos and view things that are just out of reach. The RRP is £19.99

    1. Tinkerbell Glitter Lamp
      The Tinkerbell Glitter Lamp is something Evie has wanted for absolutly ages. Now she has a lovely, pretty, glitter lamp with one of her favourite Disney characters. The lamp is lovely and golden so it’s perfect for Christmas as it just makes the room look really magical in the evenings. It has a flick switch which Evie can now reach from her bedside and is a lovely night light to use. I used to love having these lamps when I was younger and I’m glad it’s a big hit with Evie too. The lamp is 38cm tall and 8cm diameter with an RRP of £29.99

      Glitter Tinker Bell Lamp, Paladone Christmas Gifts

    1. R2-D2 Travel Mug
      A perfect gift for people on the go that are a bit of a fan of Star Wars. R2-D2 is my favourite android of all time and so we do have a few items featuring him in the household. The Travel Mug was planned with Adam in mind now he’s in college, working and on the movea lott for the school run. It’s pretty large so perfect for a big, strong cup of coffee on the go and now seems to be one of Adam’s must have daily items. The travel mug holds a 16oz cup of coffee, is insulated to keep it hot and watertight to prevent spills. The RRP is £11.99

So there are three fantastic gifts from Paladone which would be perfect this Christmas. What is your favourite?

Disclaimer: We received the above products in exchange for this feature. All opinions remain my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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