Girl Wearing Pink Saffie Spring Dress from Monsoon with Pineapple, Seahorse, Shell and IceCream pattern, Spring Dresses Blog Post

Colourful Spring Dresses for Seven Year Old Girls

Spring Dresses For Girls from Monsoon

Shopping for Spring Dresses for Evie is always a real delight! There are so many gorgeous colours and styles around. I recently had the pleasure of browsing the gorgeous range of spring dresses by Monsoon in Debenhams and was so pleased with how many vibrant colours there were. I’ve always loved Monsoon clothes and find they last a long time. They’re also pretty accurate to size with Evie who is quite petite but tall for a seven year old. The dresses we chose have all made her look very grown up and will be perfect over the Spring and Summer. I chose three gorgeous spring dresses from the Monsoon collection each with a different purpose in mind. A casual day dress for playing in, a beachwear dress which will be perfect for our holiday to the Isle of Wight in the summer and  tea length party dress. All of them came incredibly quickly with standard free delivery and she was incredibly happy with my choices when they arrived.

Monsoon Pink ‘Saffie’ Spring Dress

The first dress I choose was for beachwear and is a lovely flowly dress with layers around the legs. It pulls over really easily and would be a great choice over a swimming costume. I love the pink colours and the dress really makes me think of summer with it’s pineapple, shell, seahorse and ice cream pattern. The top of the dress is a little loose for Evie in a size 7-8 but think with a swimming costume underneath she wont notice that as much! Hopefully that means the dress will last us all summer unless she has another of her growth spurts. RRP £22-24

Girl Wearing Pink Saffie Spring Dress from Monsoon with Pineapple, Seahorse, Shell and IceCream pattern, Spring Dresses Blog Post

Monsoon Green ‘Corelia’ Mermaid Spring Dress

The second spring dress I chose was a sort of two piece effect. The top half is green and white stipes and the skirt half has lots of lovely mermaids, coral and fish. Evie does love Mermaids and enjoys twirling around in this gorgeous dress. Evie wore this for school to celebrate the Air Ambulance fundraiser as it was full of green stripes and yellow fish and coral. It’s a really pretty spring dress and fits nicely to the knees. The top half of the dress is quite a soft, jersey material with a seashell neckline and the skirt is a little stiffer to prevent it blowing around in the wind. RRP is £30-32

Spring Dresses for Girls, Green Corelia Dress in Monsoon, Green and White Stripes, Mermaid Skirt Dress

Monsoon Blue ‘Finella’ Flamingo Spring Dress

The third Monsoon dress I chose was this lovely blue wrap style tea dress. I was absolutely attracted to the flamingo design and thought this would be perfect in the cooler evenings on holiday for the evening entertainment as well as any friend’s birthday parties or even the end of year school disco. Evie hasn’t had a chance to wear it yet but I absolutely love it and can’t wait to snap her with it on! RRP £32-34

Dress from Monsoon, Blue Finella Flamingo Dress, Spring Dresses for Girls

I think the lovely bright colours are perfect in the gorgeous sunshine we’ve been having recently and Evie feels comfortable in all three choices. Monsoon really does have a lovely range of spring dresses for girls and I think the fit, style and colours are perfect. They all really suit Evie and the fact that she loves and is comfortable in them is the most important thing. We really enjoyed selecting the clothes and there is such a lovely big range to suit all shapes, styles, sizes and all the colours you could want in a spring wardrobe.

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with with Debenhams as part of their Monsoon Girl’s Dresses campaign. All opinions are my own.

Spring Dresses in Monsoon for Girls, Girl with Pink Saffie Dress by Monsoon,

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