Communicate with Your Pet – Learn These 3 Puppy Sounds’ Meanings


How much do you treat your dog like a human? Don’t lie. I know you sometimes talk to your pets. When it comes to talking to dogs, I bet you use normal, full sentences and add some character by changing your voice. If you’re talking to a puppy this pitch becomes even more pronounced, right?

Human Dog Speech Explained

Studies have actually shown that people increase their voice pitch by up to 21% when talking to puppies. It’s similar to how we speak to babies and it has even been labelled. It’s called dog-directed speech.  Why all this effort? I believe it’s because we have an inherent need to communicate with our pets. Yes, many people may see them simply as animals. But I know my friends usually view them as part of their families. And guess what. Your dog wants to speak to you too. So let’s make it slightly easier for the two of you to communicate in future.

How do Puppies Speak?

When you adopt your next puppy, listen for these sounds. Now you’ll know what they mean.


We all know dogs bark, and a puppy that’s still learning to, is one of the cutest sights ever. But what is he or she trying to tell you?

  • It feels aggressive
  • It’s bored
  • It’s an expression of excitement or joy

You need to look at the rest of the body to determine the exact reason. In time you’ll recognize which bark relates to each emotion. And while your puppy is young it’s smart to teach it boundaries about barking:

  • Reward it when it goes outside to bark, instead of bothering you indoors.
  • When you yell it will think you’re joining in on the barking. Learn a way to distract it to stop excessive noise.


You probably wince every time you hear your puppy whine. You imagine it’s suffering or sad and you simply want to put a stop to it.  But sometimes, you’ll have to steel yourself and turn a blind eye (deaf ear). Yes, these puppy sounds can mean your puppy is afraid. While you learn the small nuances of your puppy’s talking, you’ll have to check what each whine means. Perhaps it becomes the way your puppy notifies you it needs to go outside. But problems won’t always be the reason for this sound. It’s also a way of manipulating authoritative figures to get attention from them. I think puppies know they’re cute and uses it to get what they want.


I include this sound on this list, because it’s vital to your dog’s happiness and health. Puppies can quickly overheat and dehydrate especially while they’re very young. Excessive panting becomes a loud sound you can’t miss. This could mean your dog is struggling to cool down. It should subside after a while as its body temperature drops. But it’s also losing moisture in the process, so make sure there’s water available.

But what does it mean if your dog pants and you know it hasn’t been running, or it’s cold outside? Something is making your dog nervous. It can be because of thunder or feeling tension in the atmosphere at home. It’s usually paired with pacing around and you need to offer comfort.

Why Do Puppies Speak?

Realize that your puppy is designed to bark and make other sounds. It’s a survival instinct that is sparked every time they feel threatened or uncomfortable. But it’s also about surviving the pack. When dogs communicate they state social position. If your puppy is to survive and socialize, sounds are part of the process. Yes, you may wish you could switch off high pitched barking, but sometimes you have to allow your dogs to be…dogs.

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