Happy Birthday Daughter

Dear My Darling Big Girl

Dear Evangeline,

A very happy 8th birthday to my gorgeous big girl. I am so proud of you. We’ve had a lot of fun this year and now you are just weeks away from being a big sister, a dream you’ve been talking about for a couple of years now. I can’t wait for you to meet your baby brother because I know you will be the best big sister in the whole world. But today isn’t about being a big sister, today is all about being you my little frangipan. Evangeline Amaranth Monica – you truly changed my life for the better. I can’t wait to see you open up and love your gifts as you do every year with so much gratitude.

Tomorrow you are back to school after six long weeks off for summer. I can’t believe you are heading into junior school! Today we are having a family day at the local Farm Park where we will feed the goats, look for this Llama and you’ll bounce around the soft play area. You get to have a picnic lunch before more exploring. Maybe you’ll hold a rabbit or brush a pony wearing your big 8 badge with pride and then your favourite dinner, before birthday cake with your very favourite Nanny Julie, Grandad Mark and Aunties. For the rest of the week we will be looking after Sweet Mia – Nanny Julie’s massive bear of a dog who you love so very much so you get to enjoy everything that comes with looking after a dog.

Eight years ago at 10.07am weighing 8lb3oz you were pulled from my tummy in an unplanned c-section and whilst the experience was challenging for me, finally being able to see and snuggle you was the best moment of my life. We have had such a journey since that day!

In the last year I have seen your mind become more questioning and quizzical, your love for numbers, experiments and history has been nourished lovingly at school and I don’t think I’ve ever had any one tell me quite as much as you have about how the embers started the fire of London. In fact I think I’ve learned more about Nelson, HMS Victory and World War 2 than I learned at school myself!

I’ve also read and watched you create amazing stories and talk passionately and lovingly about every member of your family including your baby brother who you’ve yet to meet. You have started enjoying music a lot more thanks to our Echo Dot and are now a big fan of Taylor Swift. I’ve heard you sing many of her songs over the summer holidays in particular. Along with Baby Shark…

You are still as fearless as ever and your swimming over the summer has improved so much which is amazing. You just get on with things, you’re very much a trier and a doer and maybe a bit too much of a perfectionist which has lead to tantrums and tears but I can see it’s because you are striving to be the best. You’ll be starting Recorder Club and Film Club at Junior school next week and I think you’re going to really enjoy them – although the practise at first might hurt our ears we will smile through gritted teeth watching you develop a new skill. You love to sing but I would love to support you playing an instrument and I think we all start with the recorder at some point. I am glad you’re school gives some time and focus to music and arts, it’s important.

You have made new friends this year which has been lovely to see and have enjoyed a few birthday parties and play dates. You talk so fondly of your friends at school and it was lovely to read more about your social group in your end of year two report before the holidays. I’m sure Year Three will bring more friendships into your circle too and I’m sure you will have an amazing first day back at school, although I am also confident that the walks home will be filled with “how was school” and “it was boring.”

The next twelve months will be full of more challenges, more learning and you adapting from being an only child to a big sister but I know you will be amazing, helpful and actually I think you will really enjoy having a baby brother in your life.

So today is all about you my beautiful big girl. Have a wonderful birthday. I love you.


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