Decorating the Home for Christmas – Ad

I have seen everyone debating on when the perfect time to put up the Christmas decorations is. I personally don’t think there is a perfect time. For us, it’s a weekend when we are all together as a family as close to the start of the month as possible. We try to keep all the decor up until the first weekend after New Years Day when it all comes back down again and lovingly placed back in the box.

I don’t have a theme for Christmas decor really but as time goes on we have collected some really lovely decorations. Long gone is the day where I had to get everything from Poundland. We now have the freedom and flexibility to design our festive theme exactly how we like. I’ve considered temporary Christmas wall murals this year as they look absolutely stunning. Removable wall paper and murals are a great addition to the family home and I’ve been looking at peel and stick wallpaper from Wallsauce for some inspiration.

Image from Wallsauce. Peel and stick wallaper can give make a huge difference to a room this festive season

Of course peel and stick wallpaper doesn’t have to be a temporary thing. It’s a great way to transform a room and ideal for those in rented accomodation, like me, as it can be removed easily and won’t damage the landlord’s walls. It’s a great way to create a festive backdrop or feature wall in your own living space.

I can’t deny that I am super excited for Christmas this year. We are just fitting in our festive plans and finding out which Christmas markets to visit. We are hoping to book in a festive afternoon tea before the big day too. I have written my Christmas food shop which covers 22nd until 2nd January and just need to get that booked in now. We’ve already sampled our first few festive coffees and I have to say we have put our Christmas tree up too. I am really looking forward to Christmas this year and I hope you have a very happy, festive season.

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