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Delivery of Sweeties

Sweeties, Sweets, Sugar Rush ConfectioneryI recently saw an advert on Facebook about a new confectionary company in my local area called Sugar Rush Confectionary who deliver 1kg boxes of Pick’N’Mix sweets to your door, in the evening for £10. That is a lot of sweets! I placed my order with them through Facebook message on their page and was informed of my estimated delivery time which would be that very same evening. I placed my order around 5.30pm and received my lovely box of sweeties at around 7.50pm. That is excellent timing!

So 1kg of Sweets and delivery that very same night for £10…that’s a pretty good price to me!

I was amazed with the selection as well. We had milk bottles, fizzy cola bottles, lemon bonbons, Vimto chews, drumstick lollies, gummy bears, bubble gum bottles…so much! It was a firm family favourite on Friday night and over the weekend! It came in a brown card box put together and as I was able to pay cash on delivery there was absolutely no fuss. Paypal is another payment option for those wanting to put their order through and not able to get to a cash point or having money on them.

Sweet Selfie, Sugar Rush

I can’t really say much else! The sweets were delicious, the delivery was fast and the service was polite and friendly. Obviously I don’t think I’m going to need 1kg of sweets very often but for a little large treat every so often I’m so glad there is now a local solution! The company also deliver to area’s in Devon including Exeter, Paignton and Torquay. Even though my hometown is quite a bit further from these original locations I am glad they’re here!


  1. OMG what an amazing treat, I have been cutting out bread recently to try and keep fit. As sweets are not bread then I can happily go for a kilo!!:))) seriously though, this is a good little service that I’m going to check out, thanks!



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