#DreamExplained – What do you dream about?

Do you dream? Do you ever wonder what your dreams mean? Adjustamatic want to get the conversation about dreams going and I wanted to get involved! Learning about dreams has always been something that absolutely fascinates me. As a child and a teenager I used to keep a dream journal close to my bed so that when I woke up I could write down my dreams. Then I’d go on to read about them, see if I could find out if they meant anything. I used to have the most horrific nightmares which I believe was due to my depression and anxiety. There would usually be fire, I am terrified of fire, and a cage or some sort of chase. A part of me things that was my subconcious trying to explain why I felt the way I did, trapped, in fear or trying to leave my anxiety behind. Now I’m older I do not remember my dreams very often but sometimes they are a little obscure.

Adam and I often talk about the strange dreams we have. His always seem to take place in places we’ve been or holidays we talk about taking. He seems to dream often about what he’s done that day and often has spoke of dreams where he has played the part of a character from a video game he has recently played. When Adam does have slightly more unpleasant dreams he talks more about a feeling of dread rather than something chasing him away or scaring him. I remember Adam telling me that he once woke up and saw a huge spider on his wall and for a few moments after waking he believed it was there until his conscious properly kicked in and he realised he was awake. I’ve had moments like that myself where I’ve been having a bad dream and then I’ve woke suddenly and have seen faces right in front of me eyes and screamed myself a wake. I think for me it’s because I’m not in control of my own thoughts when I’m dreaming so my mind pushes through everything that goes in up there in my dreams.

To be honest I should probably stop there or I may come across slightly more crazy than you already think I am! Mini Kat has recently started talking about her dreams too although I’m not sure she quite gets that she’s dreaming or if she’s just talking about being with her friends. Sometimes she tells me she has had a dream about being back at Disneyland Paris but again, I think it’s just her memories coming through. We have never had a problem with nightmares or night terrors with Mini Kat, thankfully she’s always been a pretty good sleeper.

I am writing this today so that I can share a video I was recently emailed about on dreams from Adjustamatic. You can take a look at it here.

What do you think?

This is a collaborative post.


  1. My kids also dream about Disneyland Paris after their visit last year and often when we try to get them to sleep we discuss the rides, the sights and the characters to help them drift off happily.

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