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Evie’s Birthday Wishlist

We’re going to be celebrating a birthday soon…I can not believe my little girl is going to be turning six in a few weeks time! We are planning to go to Chessington World of Adventures for the day and then have a little party for her at the weekend for her Birthday. She’s really excited about spending time with friends and family. We’ve talked a lot about Chessington too as she hasn’t been yet. We sort of feel like we’ve done Paultons Park and Legoland quite a few times now so it will be lovely to show her a favourite place of mine. We wanted to go before the Bubbleworks closes so we should get there just in time. It will also be a really lovely way to end the Summer holidays.

What Does a 6 Year Old Really Want?

I’ve asked Evie this a few times now and she’s not really come up with any concrete ideas so I thought this would be a nice project for us to work together on.


Getting Evie a few Sweet Treats for her birthday would go down really well! She has such a sweet tooth. Using sweets wholesalers I can get a lovely big box of her favourite sweets or something like the Mega Sour Bubblegum candies that I know she will absolutely love.

Evie has recently taken a big interest in Pokemon thanks to the realise of the Pokemon Go App which we’ve all got on our phones now. It’s made us walk more, enjoy time together and got her involved in collecting something digitally. Since then we’ve watched some of the old TV shows which has been great nostalgic value for me and she’s been asking for Pokemon toys. We’ve selected a few of her favourite soft toys and characters from Amazon and some figuirines that she’d love to play with.

Make Up

Evie is a real girly girl and she’s been watching me put makeup on for a long time. She’s got a set of my old makeup brushes to play with but really wants her own set of makeup. She’s selected a barbie doll head to play beautician and hairdresser with as well as her own little makeup compact set. She really liked the look of the wooden makeup sets too because she loves imaginative play! I have to admit the make your own lip balm looks a lot of fun! I’d happily have that for my birthday!

Angry Birds

Another game Evie enjoys playing on the rare moments Adam will hand his phone over. She quite likes the TV show and enjoyed seeing the movie a few months ago so she’s picked a few bits from Amazon that she likes the look of.


Pretty much all of Evie’s clothes come from H&M. It’s my go to place because its really good value and lasts ages. She’s had another growth spurt and I think we will now see her in 6-7 aged clothes because all her dresses are getting a little short. It’s also time for an update of her wardrobe as it’s getting cooler. A reason I love that her birthday is in September as it’s a great excuse to update her seasonal clothing.

Dressing Up
Evie would love to expand her dressing up selection and says her next must have piece should be a Tinkerbell outfit. She also likes the look of some new dress up shoes.


Evie loves Shopkins and this is really the main thing she’s asked to put on her birthday list. I believe series five has just launched so I know she would love some brand new shopkins but her collection is still quite small and she plays with them all the time.


Evie asked for a new duvet set and has her heard set on the frozen one to match her rug. This has lead to her wanting a new lampshade which I don’t think would be a bad thing!

Other items that didn’t make it onto her board but are firm favourites.

Lego Friends – she loves to play and build sets, especially these ones because they come with cute animals
Disney Princess – anything Disney Princess is a big hit with us
School Uniform – very boring, probably not a favourite for her but new socks & tights in her school colours would be much appreciated
Hair accessories – Evie has long, thick hair which needs to be worn up for school. She is also trying to grow out her fringe so hair clips, bands and accessories are always appreciated. She loves pretty pink ones, florals or cute animals.
My Little Pony – much like Disney Princess really, she particularly likes the Pony Squishems and want’s to collect them all.
Nutty Putty – I really want this for her. It’s basically a modelling clay/play doh type substance that you can shape and style, then bake for it to become squidgy toys. It looks and sounds awesome.


  1. It sounds to me like this little lady knows what she wants, I don’t put pinterest boards together. Instead I make an amazon wish list and tick things off for Santa…

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