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Family Travel: How To Get Cheaper Accommodation in London

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Being able to get out and explore the country that we live in can be really important, especially with young children. Getting a sense of identity and being able to learn about different parts of the country, without even having to get on a plane, can make for some fun adventures, and affordable memory making.

Naturally, London is often one of the places that families choose to visit. The country’s capital has lots to offer for families, as well as the sights and sounds of city life, and the history the capital has. It is unlike anywhere else in the world. The downside? London can be pretty expensive. Accommodation for a family can really add up, and if you don’t live close by, then it can be hard to ‘do’ London in just one day. That can be a stressful though too, especially if you have little ones. So here are some ways to make staying in London more affordable.


Choose Budget over Luxury For Hotels

As much as we might like a stay in The Dorchester on a trip to London, our children aren’t going to appreciate that at all, especially relating to the cost of it. So for a trip to London, choosing budget hotels is going to be much more affordable and worth while. Plus, it isn’t like you will be using the hotel all that much, other than a place to sleep. If it has a hearty breakfast option to fill you up for a day of exploring, then even better.

Consider Student Accommodation

The good thing about University schedules is that from the end of May until early October, pretty much all of the student accommodation in London, much like the Urbanest ones, are going to be vacant. Students will often return home for summer to save money. So University halls and other student digs are often hired out cheaply over summer. So if you want to do something over the summer with the kids, then these could be an option to consider.

Stay Further Out

When you stay in central London, then you do pay a premium. If there isn’t anywhere in the centre that is in your budget, then it can be a good idea to look a little further out. Surrey has good train links into London with some cheaper hotels, as well as counties like Kent, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire. The trains into London can be pretty cheap too, and remember that children under 5 travel on trains for free.

House Swap or Home Rental Sites

Being able to book things online can make everything much more affordable. And with the rise of sites like Airbnb and House Exchange, you can find a home or room to rent for a short stay for a bargain price. It can often mean talking to more locals, who will be able to offer suggestions on what to do as well. So although it isn’t screaming luxury necessarily, it can mean a much more affordable trip, just like a home away from home.

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