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Fat Loss: Things I Didn’t Expect to Happen

Fat Loss

I have a lot of fat to lose and I have a really long way to go until I get to my goal weight which currently stands at 9stone 11lbs. I weighed in last week at 18stone, having lost 1 stone 4lbs through Slimming World so far. So I still have a fair chunk of weight to lose but I really think it’s important to celebrate little wins and accomplishments along the way. I want to remind myself that I’m losing weight for my future self, to have an easier pregnancy when we decide we would like more children and so that I can take advantage of shops that charge a lot less for clothes and actually offer decent things in my size.

I started Slimming World because I knew most of what needed to change was my diet and making a few of these changes saw some great results for me. I’ve had a few wobbles but I’m getting back into the plan now. I’m not expecting a great loss this week but I am hoping for a great loss next week when I plan to be really throwing everything into my nutrition and eating better. The truth is I feel so much better when I’m eating more veggies. I really don’t like vegetables, I struggle a lot with the texture for most but I’m just buying ones that I don’t mind. I think that’s been key for me, I can’t follow recipes to the exact. Carrots, for one, I can’t keep adding carrots into food I really hate them.

I didn’t expect to get from a 22-24 to a size 18 so quickly. This has really, really helped my confidence and I know that the clothes I have will continue to get a little looser each week. I haven’t noticed a lot of big changes really, my boobs are still massive which is more of a hindrance to me. For one, I can’t fit into a good sports bra so when I’m working out (thankfully, mostly at home) my boobs are falling out all over the place. It does kind of stop your flow when you have to stop to tuck something back in. I mean, I know they will go down but the last time I was 10 stone they were still bloody massive.

I have started to notice my waist feeling a little trimmer. Not by much as there’s still a lot of back fat and mum tum but that second stomach tyre that was beginning to show has gone. I’m sure this is all giving you a great lot of images but to be honest, there are a lot of fat girl problems and they’re not pretty. Moving on…I’ve started to notice a tiny bit of definition in the top of my arms. I’m using a resistance band for weight training which I think is helping to create that definition.

I have realised I want to fill the empty fat pockets with muscle where I can. I know I’m not going to end up with a super lean physique and I expect to have loose skin after all the weight has gone. I can feel a little bit on my tummy now but where I can have muscle, I want it there. I never thought I would be interested in any form of weight training at all but now I’ve also found myself buying a set of weights for the first time (they’re pink, obviously and I shamelessly searched for ‘lady weight’s on amazon) Here they are:

I have been taking part in the Betty Rocker 30 Day Make Fat Cry challenge which is a 15 minute workout every day for 30 days. I’m currently on Day 9 and I am loving it. I’ve struggled with some of the workouts but I’ve really tried for those 15 minutes. I’ve pushed myself and I have loved it. It’s a great challenge with something different every day, targeting different groups of muscles and giving a great workout. It’s a really great challenge to try if you want to push yourself or if you’re just getting started.

Today is Fat Club Friday which means weighing in. I’m also going to start measuring my body regularly as I am hoping the weeks I don’t have a good loss in lbs I am losing in inches but until I start measuring, I’m not going to know. I’m also conciously drinking more water, especially with the heat we’ve had. It’s been kind of unbearable hasn’t it? I’m also finding movement a little bit easier, I can walk for longer without getting out of breathe, the idea of working out doesn’t fill me up with dread and I am feeling really proud of what I’ve done so far.

All of the above are really helping to keep me focused alongside the fact that I have a holiday in 4 weeks. Very excited and want to drop another stone before we go!

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