Faux Fur Pink Beanbag Review + Giveaway #Ad

I was recently gifted the ICON® Hacienda Faux Fur XL Bean Bag in Rose Dust Pink for the purpose of this feature and BeanBagBazaar have kindly offered on to my readers to giveaway.

a faux fur pale pink bean bag
Pale Pink Bean Bag is a new seat in the living room

Getting Enough Seats

Long term readers of my blog will know we have been suffering with two sofas for a couple of years. Thanks to a friend we were able to replace one last December just after Felix was born and we are planning to get rid of the other one soon in exchange for a chair but that has left us with a seat short in our living room. A beanbag is the perfect alternative for the kids and can be easily moved around the room. I was thrilled to be offered the chance to review one.

nine year old girl relaxing on extra large pink bean bag in living room
Evie has been enjoying the new bean bag in the living room!

Faux Fur Bean Bag Review

We selected the Dusty Pink XL Faux Fur beanbag from BeanBagBazaar which came through courier the next day after ordering. It’s very large but very light and feels lovely and soft. We choose this pink bag as we are trying to update our living room colour scheme to dusty pink and pale blue so this was perfect. However, I did have a browse through the site and there are loads of styles, sizes and colours available. I think you could find a bean bag for any room in the home and have it match your decor.

We have all tried out the bean bag now and found it comfortable and, most importantly for me, easy to get out of. Evie particularly likes it and it gives her a nice cosy spot to do her after school reading in. I like that it is made well, light and easy to move. It can be tucked away and brought out as and when we need it. The bean bag is done up really well so I’m not worried about lose beans coming out and little fingers finding which is another plus.

girl on bean bag in living room
The dusty pink bean bag is extra large and very comfortable

Bean Bag Giveaway

To be in with a chance of winning please use the Gleam app below. Entering the giveaway means you are giving permission to be contacted by email if you are selected as the winner. If you are selected as the winner, entering this giveaway allows permission of your contact details being passed to BeanBagBazaar to accomodate delivery of your prize. No data will be kept or stored. The prize is for UK residents only aged 18+ and has no cash exchange or alternative.

If you would like to enter more competitions I am currently hosting please head to my giveaways and competitions page for more!

XL dusty pink bean bag pictured which is the giveaway prize in this blog post
The giveaway is for an XL Dusty Rose bean bag from BeanBagBazaar
Win ICON® Hacienda Faux Fur XL Bean Bag, Rose Dust Pink supplied by BeanBagBazaar
faux fur bean bag giveaway pin image


  1. There’s nothing really I would change. Our house drives me mad as it’s an old Edwardian property but wouldn’t change it for the world.

  2. I would love to change the kitchen layout when time and money allow, due to the last tenants weird tastes

  3. In the future I would like to move our bathroom upstairs and turn our downstairs bathroom into a wc and utility room. Short term I would like to decorate my daughters room and give her her ‘big girl room’.

  4. I would love to change my bathroom. It needs updating. Also could do with painting my house through.

  5. I would love a bigger home with at least one extra bedroom so I could comfortable expand my family without my home feeling too cramped 🙂

  6. It would be my kitchen as it is awful, the reason why its awful is I dont like to cook or spend time in there but it is embarrassing that it looks so dreadful compared to the rest of the house.

    1. We never have seats. In a house full of males this would be mine, mine, mine!

  7. I would love larger bedrooms. I have always wanted more than a bed and a wardrobe in my bedrooms but alas it is not to be

  8. Really wish I could change my front door! Would love a new cool door…more modern and a different colour.

  9. I would like to make our home more cosy by adding lots more soft furnishing like this beanbag

  10. Im wanting to move my grandkids out of the small spare bedroom into the bigger one now there getting older , this would be perfect for them

  11. Where would I start.. my house is cluttered with items that should be either binned or donated.. the rooms need decorating – we have made a start and living room completed.. just need extra touch like the ICON hacienda bean bag… hallway is a work in progress……

  12. My front room is a little cluttered with books to the point its getting to take up all the space, so I’m having to box them up and hide them under the bed to make room to walk around! I’d love to knock thro to the kitchen and have an archway to create a more open space!

  13. I would like to move my TV which is on the wall on to the opposite wall and change everything around from there

  14. The layout of our living room,it is built in such a way that you cannot vary how you have it.

  15. My living room is probably where I spend most of my time and I would really love to make it more cosy. It is a little bit bare at the moment and feels a bit unloved.

  16. I would love to change my kitchen, it’s the only room that’s had no attention

  17. I’ve just moved into a new home and so many things I want to change bathroom is next on the list

  18. I would love to change my bedroom, with 8 children all i’ve done in the last 13 years is redecorate their rooms and mine has stayed the same, so it would be nice to make it more cosy

  19. I’d like some real wardrobes. When we moved in over 20 years ago we had the smallest fitted wardrobes ever. We need to remove them but they are plastered in, therefore big job.

  20. I would like to change my kitchen so we could fit in a table for family meals

  21. I have a spare room that I’ve always wanted to turn into a library/office – maybe I’ll get started one day!

  22. I would love to change my daughters bedroom around and create more space while still being cosy.

  23. I’d love to change my kitchen it’s just so small and cramped. Thanks for the chance to win a beanbag, this would be perfect for my daughters room.

  24. I’d love to re do my bathroom, its stayed the same since we moved in 8 years ago. It’s looking a bit tired now and I’d love to put my taste/style in it.

  25. Our whole house needs to be redone! I full gutting and revamp. We’ve been in the house just over 7 years and have only really given the kitchen any attention and I do love being in there, but I would really like to do other rooms in the house. The bathroom would be lovely to prioritise, as I think that it’s one of the places you can relax the most.

  26. It would be quicker to talk about what I don’t want to change! We’re private renting though so there are a lot of restrictions on what we can do. Still, if I had free reign the first thing I’d do is rip out the kitchen.

  27. My girls would love this for their room especially as their now apparently big girls sob

  28. I would love to change my kitchen, the cupboards are outdated and just not enough room to store everything

  29. I’d love to change our kitchen although there appears to be not a lot to change it is seriously in needs new tiles, worktop and sink

  30. i would love to change the colour scheme- I love bright warm colours but my partner is very much magnolia!!! we clash on so many ideas.!

  31. If I could choose again, I would choose natural or white stair rails – instead of the dark wood we have currently. We have a really small hall and the dark colour doesn’t help. Trying to muster up the energy to re-do them.

    1. My garden. It’s a real tip at the moment and needs alot of work. Not motivating when the weather is too cold though.

    2. I would really love to change the colour scheme in my kitchen and the furniture I have in there too.

  32. I need a new bathroom, it needs to be modern, clean, hopefully a wet room even!

  33. I would like to redecorate my living room and make it cosier witch more neutral paint and new furnishings and accessories

  34. I need to upgrade our garden. We are having our wedding here in May. The weather keeps being so bad it’s hard to get out there to do anything

  35. I would love to redecorate or lounge and create a cosy play area for our children.

  36. I would really like to change the lay out of my kitchen, it really annoys me at the moment, it’s small and doesn’t need to be, there is a massive boiler in the kitchen which could be moved to a cupboard upstairs, it would give me so much more space.

  37. I would like to make my home as child friendly as possible for my grandchildren!

    1. We want to decorate our living room next as it’s definitely due an update!

  38. I would love to change my sons bedroom. He’s getting past the age of babyish things and i would love to make it more grown up for him when money allows.

  39. We brought our home early last year and there are lots of things that need doing, we have had booth bedrooms re-plastered and are currently in the process of re-decorating those. We have decorated the living room but need new carpets throughout the house. The dining room also needs re-plastering. Long term we want to re-model the bathroom, potentially convert the attic into a third bedroom as turn the cellar into a games room.

  40. The thing that would make the most difference in our home is changing our bathroom. It’s a horrible colour!

  41. my dining room. make it into a useable dining room, rather then the dump it there room.

  42. I’d love to knock our kitchen and dining room through so it’s one large room with island in it. Love this beanbag. Our daughter has asked for her bedroom to be painted pink and grey and this would look amazing in the corner next to her window x

  43. We are currently renovating our house room by room so the current room we are changing is the conservatory we’ve just had nice new roller blinds on grey in place of very old vertical blinds so now we need to change the flooring next

  44. I would love to change my living room, it’s a but dated and now it’s the last room we haven’t changed it stands our from the others!

  45. I would love to change my kitchen because it is so old now and looking a bit tired.

  46. I would like to change my carpets, they are over 20 years old and getting so shabby now x

  47. Just had new central heating so the whole house needs decorating. I have thick artex in most rooms and a very old kitchen (from the 1970’s) that is probably becoming vintage!!

  48. Great competition. Would love to change our carpets, they’re very worn.

  49. If anything was possible, I’d make it a bit bigger. We recently got a new corner sofa that is actually a much better fit than the 2 and 3-seater sofas we had before.

  50. Id love to re-decorate my hallway and make it a nice and warm space when people walk in, myself included! Its so dark and dull at the moment, not welcoming at all

  51. I’d like to transform my daughter’s room now that she is almost a teen.

  52. My whole house needs a good paint but until Christmas is over and I can save up the paint, I am trying to make the most of it by getting some new cushions etc to make it cosy for the winter

  53. I would love to change my bedroom it’s quite plain and boring I’d love to add more colour and brightness

  54. My home needs a total makeover. I would love subtle calming colours and cosy soft furnishings

  55. To be honest we are gradually getting to the end of a complete redo ( the kitchen should be in by the end of week) then we are all finished … the only thing I really would like is a garage. Other than that I do love our little home x

  56. I would change the staircase which was divided into two when the original house was slit into two. It is very steep and narrow.

  57. I’d like to modernise the kitchen and bathroom and also need a new front door!

  58. I would love to add a relaxing zone away from the mayhem – where big and small can go to read, unwind or de stress. I would love to fill it with aromatic candles, big bean bags and lots of snuggly throws. It would definitely be a … NO TECHNOLOGY ZONE … too.

  59. I’d love to have brightly coloured curtains and cushions in my living room.

  60. I would dearly love to change our kitchen. We went as far to remove the saloon doors! The rest is still a complete 70s throwback!

  61. I would love to change the people living here for tidier ones….. Oh and make my son’s bedroom less childish

  62. I’d love to change the furniture in the lounge, it’s all second hand so none of it matches!

  63. I want to change lots of things. Mainly I want to let more natural light into my home. Do my bathroom so that it is relaxing and redecorate the living room and but new accessories so that it feels cosy. Also get my partner to finish all the little jobs that he has started.

  64. Oh this would be wonderful for my grandchildren why reading & chilling at grandmas

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