February Life Update

I honestly thought January was a bit of a rubbish month but then February happened and to be honest, it wasn’t much better. I’m not saying it was dreadful or we had lots of bad news but it was really very boring. Nothing has really happened. The cold weather has been getting me down a bit and I’m finding it hard to warm up the home without spending an absolute fortune. We are still making use of slippers, dressing gowns and extra blankets. I am, however, happy to see the sun is rising at 7 am again and it’s not getting dark until gone 5 pm which makes me feel a lot better.

February half term came and went for us right in the middle. It was nice to have a break from the early morning school runs. Evie spent the first half of the week with her dad and I made the most of having very little parental responsibility. When she came home we did make these cute Cozy Cats which were a real hit.

Adam was also off college for half term and has had a lot of assignments and revision to do. He passed his exam last month on Sociology and the Family and has just completed another four exams for his Access course. I can’t believe he only has a few months left now and most of this will be on his independent study project. He’s been accepted to all five of his University choices and has chosen to accept the conditional offer at Winchester because it’s close by. We’ve already completed the application for Student Finance too. He’s now got to pass the course and come September he will hopefully be enrolling as a university student which is really exciting for him.

Blog work has been pretty slow but I’ve had my Leapforce contract extended for another six months which I am thrilled about. Blog work can be a bit hit and miss some months so having something that’s guaranteed really helps with the bills.

We have overspent a lot this month but we are catching up with quite a lot of things too which is good. We also booked a holiday for the three of us in July and we are returning to Landguard holiday park on the Isle of Wight. It was such an amazing holiday last time we went and I can’t wait to return. It will be just the stress reliever we need after Evie has done her Year 2 SATs and Adam has finished his very intense year at college. I think we are all looking forward to the much warmer weather that the next few months will (hopefully) bring.

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Getting Cosy in our Caravan

We have seen a lot of family this month and celebrated my step dad’s birthday which was really nice. My sister and her girlfriend came down from Blackpool to visit too. It’s always nice to celebrate some family birthdays. We also took Evie to get her ears pierced and she was really very brave.

children having ear piercings

Tomorrow, the 1st March will celebrate this blogs 5th official birthday. I can’t believe I’ve had this space for such a long time now. It has seen us through so many amazing times together. We’ve had holidays, new jobs, Adam has begun college, we began living together, Evie is now 7! I really do love my blog and my little space here which has over 600 posts of family lifestyle adventures. I’m really proud of some of the content I’ve created here and the journey I’ve shared. I’m really proud of how I’ve progressed and how I get to do this each day, writing and enjoying my work which is something I wasn’t sure I would ever accomplish. Not to mention I’ve met and made some amazing friends along the way which have helped with my confidence so much. Here’s to another five years and more exciting family adventures.


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