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Disclaimer: Ad – gifted. We were sent a selection of HiPP Organic goodies for the Feel HiPP campaign in return for this blog post. All opinions are my own.

baby boy felix in Cosatto high chair

We are well into our journey of weaning with Felix now he’s closing in on eight months and we have tried a variety of different foods with him. Sometimes we have been traditionally weaning with spoon feeding and other times we have been sharing finger food with him. He is formula fed and currently uses HiPP Organic formula which has worked well for him and us.

felix weaning with bowl and spoon

HiPP Organic have a great range of products to help assist with your baby’s weaning journey – and they have skincare and bath products for baby too! I used HiPP Organic food products with Evie when she was a baby and I have continued to use them with Felix too. I like the convenience that baby food jars and pouches brings and they have been great whilst we have been trying different flavour combinations. We’ve also given him a mix of things from our meals to help him explore different tastes and textures which is great for when we’re out and about.

HiPP Organic Baby Products
Feel HiPP weaning with HiPP Organic

So far Felix has enjoyed the multigrain Apple porridge from Hipp Organic which we have done with loaded spoons from time to time. I like how nice and easy it is to prepare so it’s ideal in the mornings before the school run. Felix seems to wake around 5am most mornings and has a bottle of milk and then has breakfast around 7am – perfectly timed for when Adam comes home from work so they can have a bit of bonding time before he goes to bed. Felix has also enjoyed jam on toast for breakfast and pinched some of my avocado on toast too!

baby boy eating HiPP Organic baby cereal, Feel HiPP
weaning baby boy eating toast

Lunch is more of a smaller occasion at the moment and we can give it a bit more time so finger foods are ideal for lunch here. We’ve tried various branded baby food snacks as well as little bits of what I have. I try to make his plates nice and colourful and then just let him go for it.

Felix weaning finger food lunch

Dinner time has been a bit more of a spoon fed occasion so far. We give him a few spoonfuls of a savoury, dinner type meal and then a few spoonfuls of a sweeter pudding which has mostly been fruit before we moved on to offering yoghurt. HiPP Organic jars have been great for these too. We can spoon out the amount we need and keep the rest in the fridge for about 24 hours. Felix eats his dinner much earlier than we do, often before I’ve even cooked it as he’s ready for bed between 6.30 and 7pm. Using a jar is just easier for us and I’m really happy with the choice and variety that HiPP Organic have to offer. I like that the products are organic and have a great range of tastes, flavours and combinations. We haven’t yet found one that Felix doesn’t like either!

Feel HiPP, HiPP Organic Promise

The Feel HiPP promise helps me to know that Hipp Organic is a reliable brand when feeding my baby. There are no artificial colours, preservatives or colours in any of HiPP Organics products, food is steamed at the peak of ripeness and they are committed to being sustainable and trying to reduce as much waste as possible. If your local supermarket does not offer many Hipp Organic products their website has an online shop which offers a range of baby food, formula milk and baby care products.

HiPP Organic Baby Bath Feel HiPP

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