Felix at 11 Months

8-10 months with Felix was really tough. He was going through so much with crawling, standing, mental development leap and sleep regression. Honestly there were a lot of tears through sleep deprivation, not feeling like I’d had a break and just generally feeling like this year has been hard. There was all the emotions. However, I feel like we’ve come out the other side!

This last month Felix has slept much better again at night. He’s had the odd few times where he’s wanted a party at midnight but other than that it’s just been teething that’s been giving him hassle but not so badly that it’s affecting him sleeping. I think as the sun is coming up later it’s helping him sleep until a little later in the morning too. 4.45am starts are creeping towards 5.45am starts and I can totally handle that.

He now has six teeth and is really enjoying biting into food. It’s very cute hearing his little crunches when he bites into something crispy. He’s now having four bottles a day and slightly bigger meals as well as an afternoon snack every so often so it’s nice to see his appetite changing a little bit. We are still varying things with purees and finger foods but some new foods he has tried have been mange tout and babycorn. I am working towards more self feeding but it just doesn’t seem he eats very much when I do.

We have decided that for his first birthday we are going to go to Legoland for the day. Adam now has his second year university timetable and he has Fridays off which is good. Even though there wont be much he can do at Legoland I know Evie will have fun and it will be a good way to spend her inset day from school. It seems mad to be planning a first birthday really. He’s still so small and this year has gone by so fast.

For gifts we haven’t really got anything in mind to be honest. He will need a new winter wardrobe as he’s growing so fast so we will be looking for clothing in his size. We are asking for family to help us with a small contribution to his car seat. Now we actually have a family car I have learned a lot more about car seat safety, some of which I didn’t know before. I remember with Evie being so keen to get her forward facing when she was old enough without knowing any of the risks. Thanks to some reading I’ve decided I want to keep him rear facing for as long as possible however an extended rear facing car seat is pricey especially as we don’t have isofix in our car so it limits the ones we can have.

Other than that there isn’t really anything he needs right now. We are focusing on wooden toys rather than plastic as we want to limit the amount of plastic we have in our home. So far he has some lovely wooden blocks but I really want to get him a wooden train table that we can build up over the years. I always wanted one as a child and I wanted one for Evie but we never had the space before.

I think for his 12 month update I’ll do a little video showing some video clips over the last six months. That really does seem so long ago, six months he couldn’t really move about and was just about rolling – since then he has started rolling, crawling, eating, babbling more, cruising around furniture and this adorable bear walk type pose. He is my little cub and I can’t believe we’ve almost had our first year as a family of four.

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