Felix at Three Months Old Blog Post

Felix at Three Months

Felix was 13 weeks old yesterday and is now three months old. We’ve got his next set of vaccinations on 15th January which I’m not looking forward to. They are a couple of weeks behind because his 8 week jabs actually happened at 9 weeks, they needed to be 4 weeks apart and the clinic only does them on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Thursdays don’t work for us as Adam is at University and I don’t want to go alone so we had to wait for an available Tuesday. He had a bit of a snuffle and wasn’t quite himself after his first set so I know it might be a bit tough again.

12 Week Old Baby Boy Smiling on Fox Changing Mat

Felix has grown so much and has been in size 3-6 month clothing since the beginning of December. These are still a bit baggy in the length and his toes sometimes get a bit lost but he is a pretty robust and long baby boy so he was ready for the upsize!

He is really using his voice now and chatters away which is lovely. He makes lots of vowel sounds and a few consonant sounds now. The other day we were getting ready to leave my mums and he was a little worked up. It sounded like he shouted MUM.

Felix is really using his legs now at 12 weeks and gives us all a good kick. He can support his head much better now and really likes to take in his surroundings. He loves a good look around and will often watch family members. Felix is socially smiling plenty too and we have had a few giggles out of him too which is so lovely to hear but he isn’t quite laughing just yet.

Siblings: Evangeline 8 years old holding Baby boy Felix in Superhero top

He got some lovely gifts for Christmas including a playmat, nest, rattle and teethers. He’s got some lovely new outfits in 6-9 month sizes which I expect we will be breaking into toward the end of February with the rate he is growing. I haven’t had him weighed since our six week check back in November where he was just over 11lbs. He seemed to be following the 50th Centile line at that point. I may take him to get weighed in January at some point but the only weekly clinic is so far away from my house and the absolute opposite direction from my daughters school so getting there is quite tough.

I am loving seeing him grow and change. He is a lovely baby. His sleep pattern has surprised me greatly as I so expected to have a difficult to sleep baby. However from quite early on he started sleeping through from 11pm until around 4am and that progressively got longer. From about six weeks he would sleep from 10pm-5am and then he has now settled into from about 9pm until 6am. Because of this it means the nights Adam is working I do not worry about and it means I’m getting fairly decent sleep myself.

He does find it hard to be in different environments for long periods of time and can sometimes become quite unsettled however I also think it’s been a lot of stimulation over the last few weeks. New toys, smells, colours and seeing lots of family has probably been quite overwhelming for him. I am also reading up about the four month sleep regression and using the Wonder Weeks app to see what to expect from his mental development. He has just entered Leap 4 which is the longest leap he’s had and brings about lots of new changes.

Baby Boy Smiling on Colourful Playmat

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