festive food for vegans

Festive Food for Vegans

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I wanted to talk about Christmas food for Vegans today – I’m not a vegan, although for the last few months I’ve been eating a more veggie based diet and my aim is to transition into full vegan. It’s been fun looking for new foods to try and I wanted to talk about some of my festive favourites and how to make sure they’re vegan-friendly for any vegan family members. I know it can be a bit tough looking for different things than you would usually buy for Christmas but there are loads of yummy festive treats out there for everyone. Vegan food is clearly marked on the back of packets, loads of food is accidentally vegan and you can find a great range of vegan-friendly food in the ‘Free From’ section of the supermarket. If you’re worried, ask and check the labels. I’ve also found that most supermarkets have a list of food available on their site for vegan-friendly food. You can also find some lovely vegan-friendly food in health shops.

  1. Vegan Starters – I love soup! Tomato, red pepper and basil soup with a big crusty roll makes a delicious starter. Add a sprinkle of chilli flakes to make it super warming and hearty. A vegan won’t have butter, but there are soy-based alternatives available too. You might consider a chestnut salad with homemade cranberry sauce as another yummy alternative.
  2. Vegan Alternatives to Turkey – Tofu is a popular vegan substitute, some Quorn products are vegan and you can also get some Vegan nut roasts. This year I’m having roasted celeriac which I’m really looking forward to as it sounds delicious.
  3. Stuffing – check the back of the label but you can find a great packet stuffing in the dry goods section, no sausagemeat is needed for yummy, fluffy stuffing.
  4. Cheese – there are vegan cheeses available to include on a cheese board.
  5. Gravy – another one that’s easy to make vegan, using the water from cooking the veggies in and a vegan based gravy or stock cube.
  6. Potatoes – Goose fat isn’t necessary for delicious crispy roasties. I like to spray mine with flavourless coconut oil which makes them absolutely delicious. Olive Oil or Avocado Oil can work well too.
  7. Add flavour to potatoes and gravy with yummy festive herbs like sage. It smells delicious!
  8. Puddings – Alpro do a single pouring cream and there are loads of lovely, chocolatey vegan desserts too. Alpro products are a great place to start. I personally love the dark chocolate alpro puddings with blueberries and toasted coconut flakes.

vegan christmas dinner

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