Financially Savvy When Pregnant

Being Financially Savvy When Expecting

Being pregnant and knowing that we do have things we need to buy is absolutely making me more conscious of how much money we have coming in and going straight back out again. I also know we need to budget better so we can afford a few purchases that we would like to make before our baby boy is here. I know there are a lot of ways we can get a bit of extra money coming in between now and then to allow us to save a bit better and afford some of the bigger purchases. Here are some of the ways I am planning on saving and earning money over the next few months.

Continuing with paid blog work – this is a big one for me because it allows me to bring in an income and contribute to the family budget. It takes a bit of pressure off Adam when it comes to the more day-to-day or weekly purchases plus I have my own share of the bills to pay for.

Continuing working with brands to review products – this helps me so much because it means I can give my family a product they might need. We’ve been really fortunate to get a few baby essentials thanks to my blog work which is something I didn’t have with Evie as I wasn’t really blogging to earn when I was pregnant the first time around.

Asking for a loan – some people can ask friends and family to help with new baby purchases and I’ve started to gather together discount codes for new products. For others, a short term loan might be something to consider. If you are considering a short term loan then it’s worth looking at the consumer city index before you do. This gives you a great idea on how much people in your local area are borrowing, average income and plenty of reasons why others might consider a short term loan. The biggest reason people choose to use a short term loan is an unexpected expense. I do think we can get a bit carried away with needing everything brand new sometimes but I can see why some people get these loans, especially when it comes to bigger, high cost purchases like a new pram. Or if you’re expecting twins, double buggies can cost quite a small fortune. The most important thing when considering a short term loan is doing your research and I think checking a consumer city index can play a big part of this. Another great resource when it comes to considering how to budget your money is Money Saving Expert which goes into loads of great detail about financial advice, budgeting and finding people in similar positions to you.


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Selling stuff – There are a few things we are planning to get rid of to make a bit more space and a little bit of cash. We sometimes head into CEX to trade in some games which usually comes out with a nice bit of money. We’ve decided to get rid of our dining room table too because we don’t use it and it will free up a lot of space in our living room. Other things we can sell on are clothes. I really need to go through my wardrobe and list things that don’t fit me or Evie anymore.

Buying Second Hand – whilst there are a few things we would like to buy new, there are items that actually we could look into getting second hand. Good places to check are the NCT nearly new sales, local selling groups and eBay.

Nappy & Sling Libraries – a great way to try products before you buy. Also, if you’re planning on using reusable cloth nappies then it’s worth checking to see if your local authority has a voucher scheme in place or incentive for this as you’ll be saving them collecting waste. Not every local authority or council does but it’s a nice way to get a bit of your money back or even a heavily discounted cloth nappy kit.

Offers from friends – I’m very thankful for the kind offers I’ve had from friends to gift and sell their pre-loved items to me. I think this really comes in handy with outgrown baby clothes because they grow so quickly and just get messy. You always need a change of clothes with a baby!

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