Finding the Perfect Family Car

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Finding the perfect family car is something we are starting to think about more and more these days. Driving has never really been something I’ve desired to do, however, for Adam driving is an absolute priority. He is really keen to learn to drive and get himself a decent family car. have a great range of new and used cars which make it easy to try and find the perfect family car. Living in the UK we have a pretty temperate climate which means we have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a car. If you want to shop around locally it’s worth searching for car dealerships and showrooms in your local area. This would give you a chance to see and get more of a feel of what you were looking for. For example, you could try searching for car sales Tamworth to bring up local showrooms.  To be honest for me there are only a few things that I would really consider as I’m certainly no expert. Here are some of the things I would consider when it comes to choosing the perfect family car.

  1. Doors. I want to make sure our car has four operational doors. I don’t want to be trying to squeeze in and out of the back. I’m a big girl as it is. It’s also much more practical as a family if everyone can get in and out easily.
  2. Boot Space. If Adam was driving we would make a lot more use out of campsite holidays which means we need a lot of space for luggage. It’s also good to have a good amount of space for at least a weeks worth of shopping.
  3. Car Seat Accessibility. Having a child that still requires a car seat, or at the very least a proper booster seat means we need room to get them in and out easily. Also, we want to grow our family so it’s important that we can fit more than one car seat in the back comfortably and safely. This extends on having a good boot space for fitting in a pram or pushchair.
  4. Big enough. Adam is 6’5″ and needs to be able to move his seat to the right position to give him enough leg room. I can’t imagine there is much worse than being cramped in a tiny car space so it’s important that the seat is properly adjustable and the roof doesn’t make him feel all claustrophobic.
  5. Easy to maintain and fix. Having a family and being a new driver means that the expenses on a new car are going to be really high. Should anything go wrong we need to make sure it’s simple to deal with and an inexpensive fix. Having a reliable model will ensure the car is as safe as possible and will hopefully mean it won’t cost the earth to maintain.
  6. Safety features. I don’t want to risk a car being stolen so want to make sure it has all the necessary and up to date safety features to prevent this from happening.
  7. Air Conditioning. Really this is just for comfort but there’s nothing worse than driving on a hot day in a car that makes you feel like you can’t breathe. We want it to be comfortable for the whole family.

What features would you need for the perfect family car? 

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