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Jewellery is always a really special gift to me and something I have had on occassion over the years. I love simple, classic silver designs and a choice of different coloured gem stones that reflect my personality. That’s why I really like the idea behind #MyAbelini – encouraging customers to select their perfect piece at

I found my perfect piece really easily. I have wanted a nice pair of earrings for a while now. My mum kindly gifted me some a few years ago for Christmas but then Evie got her ears pierced and they have mysteriously vanished from my room and into her jewellery box. I wanted a pair that would suit any outfit over the festive season coming up and selected the below for #MyAbelini perfect piece. I’m really happy with this set of earrings that were offered to me in exchange for this feature. They’re comfortable to wear, silver and the stones are set lovely. I feel they will go with anything.

I loved looking for the perfect peice with #MyAbelini

There are many different pieces to choose from to help you find the perfect piece too. Each piece can be customised and you can personally select the metal, diamond, stone and style to suit you. I love this because it means it really is the perfect piece for the individual and there are a great range of styles to work with.

A set of silver and cubic zirconia earrings could be yours if you enter the giveaway below.

Abelini have agreed to offer my readers the chance to win a pair of earrings like the ones I am featuring in this post which could make a lovely gift in time for Christmas. You can enter using the gleam details below. This is open to UK residents aged 18 or over. Entrants agree for their details to be passed over to Abelini in order to arrange delivery of the prize. There is no cash alternatives, no exchanges or no alternatives offered. The earrings I was sent were silver and cubic zirconia. You may also need a jewellery box to store them in, I have an affiliate link below. You can also take a look at my Christmas Gift Guide for more inspiration on what to get loved ones for Christmas this year.

Earrings Giveaway

If you would like to enter more competitions I am currently hosting please head to my giveaways and competitions page for more!


  1. I have a Links of London matching necklace and bracelet I received from my OH for my birthday which is special

  2. I have a heart shaped locket which my dad gave to my mum on her 21st, when my dad died my mum gave it to me, it is so precious to me

  3. I have a watch that has been passed on to me from my great grandmas mother x

  4. I have my late nannas wedding ring with my birthstone on, safe in an angel trinket box. I used to love It when I was a little girl xx

  5. I have a gold cross that my dad used to wear. One time I accidentally put it in the wash, and somehow it ended up in one piece in a tiny draw at the back of the washing machine!

  6. Mine is my Pandora bracelet, because it’s full of things that are personal to me.

  7. Yes, my nan left me a silver cuff bracelet. I love to wear it but I’m always scared to lose it when I am out.

  8. My engagement ring, wedding ring and eternity ring are all important to me. I have a bracelet with my children fingerprint engraved too which i love

  9. I have a pair of rose gold hoops that my parents bought for me for my 21st birthday. I wear them almost every day and have done for the last 20 years. They are my most treasured item of jewellery

  10. Earrings and necklace that my son and daughter chosw for me for my 50th birthday!

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