A Functional Living Room

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I wish I lived in a lovely big home with plenty of space and room for everyone but the truth is we share a moderate sized two bedroom flat. We are quite lucky because the room sizes are fairly generous but recently we’ve really been struggling with our living room. It’s very much a living room, because it’s our place to socialise, eat, relax and my make shift office. It’s really not big enough for all the functions it needs to have to be honest. There are so many gorgeous home furnishings around that I would absolutely love to have in my home.

I’d love a lovely big kitchen with a breakfast bar to enjoy a glass of wine with friends or have company whilst cooking. A family dining room that would separate eating from the area we watch television and relax in. I’d love an office, but I’d make do with being able to work in any other room than combining all into one however we can’t really change that right now. However, there are ways we could make it more functional.

Decluttering is a great place to start. I’ve got paperwork I know longer need that I can discard cluttering up my desk. In all honesty we could probably get rid of the dining table which is squished in the corner where we can’t really use it because my desk is in the way. I’ve got a filing cabinet that I need to sort through so I could put other things away. We also have two sofas, and I would love to just have one large, comfy sofa and a chair we could snuggle up on. I’d love to have a proper office chair rather than using one of our hard, wooden dining chairs too. Of course, this is all money. Not just buying new things but also the time to get rid or sell the things we don’t need. It’s a lot of energy.

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When I think about it, our living room is very functional, it could be a lot more comfortable but it’s a well used and loved space. Perhaps one day everything will have it’s place.

Do you have a room you use most? Any tips for creating a bit more harmony in a chaotic living space?

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