Get Some Winter Sun; Beat the Blues

Winter is just around the corner, and it’s a little bit depressing to think that we might have had our last barbeques for the year. While we have Christmas to break up the season, mostly there’s nothing but grey skies, short days, and tax returns to think about. To make things even worse, Winter can also be bad for your mental health, with lots of people finding ourselves in the grip of the winter blues.

This has gotten many of us to start considering a holiday aboard. By booking a trip in the middle of winter, we’ll be able to get a dose of much-needed sunshine to carry us through to March – or at least, that’s the theory.

Why Go on Holiday in the Off-season?

One of the key upsides of a ‘summer’ holiday during winter is that you’ll be saving a lot. There’s less demand for places in the major resorts, which means lower prices. Given the value of the pound, this is a big factor when we’re considering a holiday in Europe, especially.

Another factor is the crowds. One of the major downsides to a summer break, especially during the school holidays, is that you’ll have to deal with big crowds – which can be stressful for lots of us. If you take a trip during the off-season, then there’ll be a lot less people there. 

Winter holidays allow you to experience breaks of a different sort. You might be considering a city-break, with Christmas lights, snow and festive markets. On the other hand, you might opt for a sunny break in a part of the world that’s still receiving plenty of sunshine. 

A Villa or a Hotel?

If you’ve got kids to deal with, an ideal solution comes in the form of a villa, ideally from a reputable provider like Villa Plus. This way, you’ll get your own private space, and have the freedom to dictate your own schedule. They can also work out much cheaper, and you won’t have to pay for maids, bell-boys, kitchen staff and receptionists: everything you do will be yours. For some of us, this might seem like too much responsibility – it is a holiday, after all. For others, it’s an economical way to do things without compromising on luxury. Most villas come with a swimming pool, too: which, depending on where you’re going, might just be warm enough for a mid-morning swim.

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