gift ideas for 8 year old girls

6 Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Girls

I have put together a list of gift ideas for 8 year old girls to celebrate my daughter turning 8 this year. These are all things she would absolutely love.

I can not believe my first born is going to be eight years old in the next few weeks. We were supposed to be going to Greece for a week but my pregnancy has interrupted that but we are still determined to make the day lovely and special for her with a day out together, her favourite meal and hopefully a few gifts that she will absolutely love. Over the years Evie has suggested a lot of things for gifts, as kids do when they see things advertised on TV. Some have remained firm favourites, some are new to us and some are toys that she’s always had but actually now she really likes them and wants more of them. I think her 8th birthday is really the last event we will have before Baby F makes an appearance so we will be staying pretty close to home whilst making the day fun for her. The day after her birthday she will be starting junior school so it’s great that we can have one last fun day before the summer holiday officially ends. This post contains affiliate links.

6 Gift Ideas for 8 Year Old Girls


Evangeline has so many Shopkins I can’t even keep count. She sometimes plays the Shopkins Happy Places App on my phone and has been playing with her collection for years. I do like that this is a collectable and new seasons come out regularly. I’m thinking a new Shopkins play set and a Shopkins magazine will make it into her birthday presents this year.

Party Popteenies

Party Popteenies are an amazing new collectible which Evie has loved. There are lots of characters to collect from three different themes and they are super cute. The packaging can be used as a party seen too from the Playsets so they can be kept nicely. Evie’s favourite has been the Rainbow Unicorn collection so far.

Party Popteenie Party Playset

Twisty Pets

Twisty pets are a cute fashion accessory and toy which Evie loves. You can make bracelets or join the little characters together and create a necklace. There are so many little animals to collect too. She currently has three of them but I know she’d love more.

LOL Surprise

This isn’t actually something Evie has had yet with us but she does keep asking for a LOL Surprise kit so I think it will be a big hit for her birthday this year.

Sylvanian Families

My mum got her a few of these when she was really young but actually it’s only been in the last few years that she’s really enjoyed playing with them and loves the sets that are offered. There are so many that range in price so I am sure we can find her another little family or playset for her to enjoy. I played with these when I was a child so it’s lovely to see how timeless they are.

Art Supplies & Stationary

Evie loves to write stories, draw pictures and colour. She particularly loves anything from her favourite shop Smiggle. She has a particular fondness for scented pens!


Boring for her, so not something she wants exactly but absolutely essential because she has such long legs and grows so fast. We are finding with her height it’s hard to find things that will last in the children’s section of clothing and we’ve moved over to the more 8-12/8-15 range in places like H&M. Whilst these ranges are a little wide for her they are such better fit in length and, hopefully, will last. I like that her birthday is in September as it’s a good time to stock up on Autumn and Winter clothes for her.

Girls Dresses at H&M

These lovely jersey dresses in the younger girls range go up to age 10 and are £2.99 so I’ll probably get a few of these too!

Girls Dresses at H&M


gift ideas for 8 year old girls

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