Going to the Theatre

It can be pretty easy to fall into the same-old routine on the weekends. Some of us will head out for a few quiet drinks with friends. Some of us will hit the club. Some of us prefer the cinema. But why not switch things up every once in a while and try something out that you don’t get around to all too often? The weekends are your time to really enjoy yourself, so it makes sense to keep things entertaining.

One thing you might want to try out to mix your weekends up a little is heading to the theatre. This can be a fun day out (for a matinee performance) or a great evening (for an evening performance). Many shows will run both matinees and evening shows, so it’s entirely up to you which best suits you.

Sometimes choosing the right show can be pretty hard though. If you’re into your musicals, there’s plenty on offer at any given time. But there’s also plenty of non-sing-along drama to choose from as well! Then there are even interaction plays that bring you into the drama for a real experience.

But not to worry. If you’re struggling to choose a show to watch, this handy infographic from theatre tickets will help you to find the best show for you. Simply follow the graph, answering the questions along the way and it’ll determine the best play that will tick all of your boxes! It’s as simple as that!

Infographic Design By theatre tickets

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