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Happy Anniversary to Me: Then and Now…2 years later…

I’ve already re blogged my first post on this blog so today, perhaps it’s time to see if much has really changed.

In two years I have moved into my flat, and made it a home with my daughter and boyfriend. I’ve changed jobs quite a lot…started in Asda in September 2013 and quickly moved into an office role October 2013…changed roles again in March 2014 and got made redundant so worked my last day on Thursday 8th January 2015…I’m now fresh out of training, Cert CII qualified and working in the Audit department of an Insurance Broker. So a little bit different from two years ago, when I wasn’t yet able to work with the whole being homeless and all…

In two years I have been in the happiest, most loving relationship of my life. We have had so many great adventures including weekends away in London, a holiday in Edinburgh and Isle of Wight, boat trips in Bristol, tourist trips in Bath and Portsmouth, family catch ups in Dartmouth and Plymouth as well as all those usual lovely things like the Zoo, feeding the ducks, long walks with the dog, park runarounds and plenty of nice foodie places to eat.

In two years I’ve worked so hard to clean up my finances…I really recommend signing up to Noddle because it has really helped me take control of my debts and finally clear some of them off as well as starting affordable payment plans and really helping me with our monthly budget.

So in two years I’ve grown another two years older, perhaps a little wiser, a little more world wary and even got myself enrolled in a work based qualification. Happy Anniversary to me and my own, I’m so glad I’m still blogging, here’s to many more posts!


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