Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all my readers! I wanted to take the time to wish a very happy fathers day to a few individuals myself. There are three men in my life that deserve a mention today.

First is my very own dear old dad. We tend to bump heads a little bit because we both have quite strong views and are both very stubborn. It’s lead to a few disagreements over the years but if I ever need help he is always there for me. He’s a loving grandad to mini Kat too. Dad probably wouldn’t describe himself as ‘World’s Best Dad’ and I know sometimes he doubts himself a bit when it comes to me and my sister. He’s been through some tough times in his life but he seems to be in his element now which I am happy to see. He’s got a pretty good social life for an old man! The last few years, especially since mini kat came into the picture, he’s really done a lot for us and I will always be grateful to the help, support and advice he’s offered – even if we don’t always agree! Happy Fathers Day dad!

Next is my step dad who I found out actually does read my blog from time to time. That amazed me to be honest, I really didn’t think many of my family members read what I have to say on my little space but they do and I love that. My step dad and I haven’t always had the best relationship. It improved when I moved out, I think, because like me and my dad we both have strong opinions. But he has also been there for me in times of need. He’s another great grandad to Mini Kat and really, if it means she just has the support from two grandads in her life, then I am happy. In fact I think since I’ve had mini kat and gone through being a single parent, and then meeting Adam, I’ve grown to appreciate my step dad a lot more. He was still young when he met my mum, and had to take on two kids as well as a new relationship, which can’t have been easy for him, and I know I didn’t always make it easy for him. I don’t actually ever think I’ve apologised for how I was when I was younger, I was an angry little girl who didn’t really understand what was going on and I took it out on him I guess. I know I caused strain in my mum and step dads relationship but now I can honestly say that what he did was really tough. I’ve seen that through Adam and Mini Kats relationship and I understand more than I did. Happy Fathers Day Mark!

Last, but by no means least, is my wonderful Adam. A man who has been helping me raise a mischievous little girl from the age of two and a half. Adam was 21 when we met and rather than just have a regular girlfriend to spend time with, he had to become part of a family. I trust him with my own daughter and he is very much a parent in this house. They enjoy their walks home from school together, he attends parents evenings with me and he is happy to play with Mini Kat during those precious moments when we are all together as a family. He deserves a mention today because, even though he isn’t her biological father, he is every bit a dad as her own. What a lucky little girl to have so many father and grandads in her life. Happy Fathers Day Adam!


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