home office for creative minds

A Home Office for Creative Minds

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If you are like most work-at-home mums, you probably enjoy a creative universe that combines your laptop, maybe your favourite DIY craft projects and the first table that you can find at home. If you too have to juggle with a difficult work/life balance, one thing is for sure: working in the kitchen or on the lounge table doesn’t help you. It makes things worse. So, today’s article is a reminder for all the creative ladies around. It’s time to get a proper home office to be able to release your creative powers without feeling like what you do can’t be taken seriously. For a start, whether you are a freelancer or you simply enjoy crafting words, dolls, paintings and much more for fun, it’s essential that you have a space in your home that is designed entirely for your freelancing creations, or your creative hobby. Whatever it is, a creative mind always needs a little structure in life to make things easier.

A home office doesn’t have to be big

A Practical Room

For a start, having a home office enables you to make a clear distinction between home life and creative life. You can be a mum, a cook, a wife or girlfriend as well as being a creator. But you can’t do all of it at the same time and in the same place. You need a room to sit down and create. Think practical from the start. You’ll need storing units such as filing boxes, essential office supplies like a printer and pens, and all your essential IT gear to get started. But this is not all. There is no way you can sit down and start building, painting, drawing, sewing or writing if you don’t have a comfortable chair and a sturdy desk. It may sound silly, but these two are the core of your home office. Choose them wisely!

Get the right office supplies

Free Your Creative Spirit

There are different ways to create, whether you are a doer, a thinker, or a painter. Most creative people agree that they often need to walk metaphorically speaking as far away from their subject as they can to release free creative energy. In short, if you’re a writer you’ll find easier to write your next scene after keeping your mind busy with other creative processes such as colouring or drawing. For crafters, this could be doodling, for example. In short, you are beginning to understand, creative people need a creative craft cabinet. This will help you to free your imagination. Additionally, keeping practicality in mind, do invest in a good lighting system, such as LED tape lights to keep underneath or inside your craft cabinet. Creative craft doesn’t have to happen in the dark!

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