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Working at home and running two blogs means I need to stay organised. I recently posted on my personal Facebook how I had written content for my second blog Inspire, Manifest, Gratitude up until the end of November and I was met with a little bit of shock from fellow bloggers who said they struggle to get a week ahead from time to time. Believe me, so do I, especially for this site because a lot of the stuff I want to write about like our family lifestyle updates or travel posts haven’t actually happened yet. It’s the same with some of my pregnancy posts, some of them I can write way in advance and have been but others, well, I have to wait until I’m at that point so I actually have something to update you with. However, my other blog content is quite niche and focuses on much more specific topics which makes content much easier to write in advance.

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I think when it comes to staying organised it’s a lot easier to write things that you already know, I know that sounds silly, but we all seem to know a lot about something and find those posts easy to write. I think when you’re a lifestyle blogger, some things can be organised where as a lot of the content you write you have to wait to happen. However, there are still lots of ways you can stay organised. There are a few things I find that help me stay organised when it comes to planning both my blog and YouTube channel content. I find it really helps if I have something I can see all the time and have a whiteboard at home where I can write down my goals for the month and tick them off as I go. This helps to keep me motivated and sometimes inspires new content from me. I also find having a wall planner or calendar to remind me of seasonal events which remind me of the sort of content I might want to prepare for that month. Some of it can be relatively easy to plan in advance.

Here are a few of the other ways I try to stay organised when it comes to planning my blog content

  1. Write down all my blog ideas on paper
  2. Have a blogging schedule for planned content. I am trying to schedule my family & lifestyle content on a Monday and pregnancy content on a Thursday. This gives me plenty of time in between for sponsored content or anything I might freely want to just write and post straight away.
  3. Have my goals somewhere I can always see them, like on a whiteboard or noticeboard. Some people like to have vision boards if they have bigger goals they’re trying to reach
  4. Write a daily to do list to help me with my social media scheduling and planning
  5. Convert all my written post ideas to a spreadsheet. It’s so easy to lose paper and I have so many notebooks sometimes I lose my ideas so when I’ve written them down I plot my ideas out with dates when I want them scheduled.
  6. Spend one day a week dedicated to planning. I find a few hours on a Sunday morning the easiest for me, but that might not work for you. And of course, it doesn’t need to be all day, just an hour or so to plan how you want your week to go.

How do you organise your blog content? Do you have any tips?

This is a collaborative post. 

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  1. Really good tips, I like the whiteboard idea and once I finally get back into my office and the baby has a better routine, I may try this. I am definitely all over the place at the moment and doing what I can, almost panic writing once he’s asleep! hahaha

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