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how i’m continuing my child’s education during school closures

we all sort of knew it was coming but we weren’t sure when. we are now realistically facing school closures for the forseeable future. my daughter might not be going back to school now until september, when she starts year 5. thankfully being in year 4 her education can be pretty flexible. however i am not planning on home education because quite frankly i do not have the patience for that. i’ve previously written about my fears and anxieties surrounding the current COVID-19 pandemic and now i feel like i can get some plans and structure into place.

we are a family that loves screen time and i embrace any app, game, screen, programme, podcast or book that can do the teaching on my behalf. we live in a technological age and it’s the future so here is how i’m going to structure our week days to help continue my daughters education.

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get up – no alarms are going to be set, but i am going to make sure we have breakfast together, get dressed and make our beds.

movement – this is going to be slightly limited but our plans for morning movement might be a youtube video or a walk to get some fresh air whilst observing social distancing. hopefully we can get creative with our routes so we don’t get too bored! the national trust has offered to keep it’s parks open and free during this time and may be something to consider for new places to walk and enjoy. they are huge properties which can help with maintaining social distancing.

writing – i’m going to encourage evie to start her own blog so she can write daily. we are going to look at writing reviews, joural entries and short stories. this will allow her to get creative with a web page design too. other writing tasks will be writing letters to friends, family and elderly relatives.

school pack subjects/worksheets whatever the school suggest we will work on a worksheet or topic from their suggestions. i don’t want the day to be sit at the table and work work work so we will limit this to a bit each day.

lunch – helping me to prepare lunch for the day, clearing up afterwards and doing our team tomm 30 minute tidy up of the room of the day.

creative – evie wants to make youtube videos, so we may include doing that, making salt dough, drawing, making posters or designing things.

game/app of the day – there are loads of online games and resources that we are going to try and make use of daily. this could be from coding, bbc, podcast, spelling. timestables rockstars is a game evie has access to to help her learn her timestables. it’s currently part of her homework anyway and something we can hopefully carry on with to help her remember them

movement – again in the afternoon, dance and wiggle to our favourite songs or a walk if we haven’t been able to get out for a walk in the morning.

reading – my plan is to get hold of all the illustrated harry potter books and read those together. also we can listen to audio books, read together or have some seperate reading time. also including reading magazines and nonfiction books.

preparing the evening meal together. we are currently getting hello fresh and guosto meals, hopefully these will continue as it’s really nice experimenting with new foods together and trying new meals plus we are all having something freshly cooked with fresh vegetables.

bath, pjs, watch a family film together or have some free time. i’d like my 9 year old to be in bed and, hopefully, sleeping by 9pm.

i’m keeping this quite loose because we don’t really have a lot of supplies, i don’t have a lot of patience and i think we all want a bit of normality too. we are, as parents, both very introverted people. we love to read and play video games, we have all the tv subscription things and online resources are an ideal way to teach when you don’t know how to teach.

there will be days where we have much more routine and structure to the day, there will be days where we don’t. there will be days where we feel really positive and upbeat, there will be days where we are climbing the walls. there is no right or wrong way to do this and it’s okay to feel a bit sad, to have a bit of a cry, to be overwhelmed. it’s okay to feel confused. it’s okay to be excited for this new challenge. this is a weird time for everyone. take advantage of the free online resources whilst they’re available.

most importantly the way we show up and handle this in front of our kids is what they will remember. they’ll remember the block of time where they got to write postcards and letters to family. they’ll remember all the facetime conversations. they’ll remember all the silly filters snaps you did together. the games you play, cuddles on the sofa in the morning and just all the quiet times they’ve had with their families. we can still make this a time full of love and kindness for each other rather than fear and stress.

good luck with the challenge that faces you whether that’s structure and routine or free flow, you can do this.

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