preparing for junior school

How We Are Preparing for Junior School

Starting Junior School is jut around the corner now for my daugher. She will be starting year 3 next month continuing from where she attended infant school and moving up to her new class with some lovely friends. She had a lovely report at the end of year two and celebrated with a production of the Lion King with her class mates and a big disco. I know there will be a bit of a transition period again with the extra challenging workload, different lessons, new teachers and two after school clubs every week however she’s a bright girl and loves learning so I really think she’ll take it in her stride and do well. We need to make more of a family effort to do her weekly home work and nightly reading as well as getting a few bits and pieces to prepare for junior school.

Luckily preparing for Junior school shouldn’t be too hard as the uniform is the same colours. Whilst she does need bigger sizes in some things we are sticking with red, white and grey. As she will be doing after school club, swimming in the autum and summer term as well as PE twice a week she really needs a proper school bag. It’s a fairly long walk from our house to school and carrying multiple bags has been a challenge in the past. Having a good size bag to hold her bits in too and from school is absolutely needed. We have also decided to have packed lunches daily at junior school rather than paying for a school dinner as it just isn’t an expense we can afford right now and she much prefers a packed lunch. I love Smiggle for Back to School stationary and choices because the bags are such a good size, Evie LOVES smiggle too as it’s full of gorgeous colours. Most products are in themes so you can match things up. I am so impressed with the backpack we have received, it’s such a good size and has so many extra pockets. Hopefully it will last her most of the way through Junior school!

smiggle back to school bag and bottle

We have been told we also need to send in a small amount of money each day for her to buy a snack which I was not expecting or we need to send in a snack in a bag. We are going to give her the 50p a day to buy her own snack to give her independence and choice. Sending her in to junior school with a decent water bottle is also really important because she needs to stay hydrated throughout the day. I believe she keeps her water bottle with her in her classes so she can have a drink whenever she feels thirsty.

When it comes to uniform we have had to get new grey dresses, polo tops and cardigans as she has just outgrown so much. We have been using the Attach-a-tag kit to label everything. You can win a kit and 50 name labels below in my giveaway but first let me tell you a bit more about it. The Attach A Tag dolphin is easy to use and allows you to add name tags onto the manufactures label. The tags are quite small but the name is displayed clearly. You can have the tags in white with black writing or the other way around. It’s saved writing names on all the uniform and I don’t have time for ironing or sewing individual tags on each item of clothing.

attach a tag name tag

attach a tag name tag

We have also made more of an effort to encourage her learning over the summer holidays with this personalised encyclopaedia from Gift Hub. Evie loves learning and surprising us with the facts that she’s learning and really enjoys history so I thought it would be a great way to encourage her reading and learning over the summer holidays and the personalised aspect makes it nice and fun. The colours are lovely and there are a few facts in alphabetical order on every page with lovely illustrations. It’s been great to go through something new when the heat has got a bit much during the six weeks holiday.

personalised encyclopedia

Another way we are preparing for junior school is working on Evie’s vocabulary with Mrs Wordsmiths Narrative Journey. This is a great way for children to learn more words and get using them in the correct context. The illustrations are really funny which is so engaging for children. We are working through the word a day workbook and creating a word board as the idea behind the narrative story is the more a word is seen the more it’s understood and used.

We have also been labelling everything with sticky name labels. I’ve always had a good experience with these as they don’t come off lunch boxes when washing up or in the washing when used on the label for school clothes. They’re ideal for bags and pencil cases too as well as other personal belongings that Evie will probably be needing to take into school soon.

We go back to junior school right at the start of September but Evie gets her birthday off which will be really nice as we are planning on having a lovely family day out, her favourite meal and cupcakes with family. It will be a lovely way to spend the last day of the holidays and help prepare for junior school.

preparing for junior school

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  1. Next week it setting the morning routine going – up breakfast dress ready ! No more tv and lounging

  2. Plan lunches. Work out a healthy meal plan, making sure to pack nutritious things for your children.

  3. Have bought all the school uniform. Just need to label everything. My son has still been waking up early in the holidays 🙂

  4. Starting labelling uniform next week , we go back early on 28th August

  5. my son is home ed so lots of curriculum planning, workshop organising, day trips, home ed meet ups and visits booked it’s all go here!

  6. Im on it! second week in to the holidays we were all ready for school! i just need some name tags!

  7. we have got all the school uniform for my middle and youngest. oldest has yet to go through hers to tell me what she needs.

  8. I’m preparing in the usual way, by convincing myself I have weeks left, then panicking last minute!

  9. I’m not I am the grandma, just won some stick on labels though for grandsons clothes

  10. He’ll be starting school for the first time so I’m trying to build up his confidence with self-care tasks like dressing himself.

  11. Everything bought now, just waiting for delivery of school sweatshirts

  12. We’ve got some uniform and school shoes! Just need a new water bottle now

  13. We have a few things that we got throughout the year. Just need to get some school shoes and shirts x

  14. I have a list that I am crossing off as i go along. School shoes is next on the list but I am waiting till next week so I can have my daughters feet measured as they seem to constantly grow at the moment.

  15. i have a long list of stuff that i need and keep ticking off as i get each bit!

  16. I bought jumpers from the kids school before the holidays so just had a few additional bits to get, shoes next week and were done

  17. School uniform, shoes, new stationery, bag, lunchbox and doing a bit of reading each day!

  18. Bought the uniforms at the start of the holidays, so no last minute panic.

  19. I’m all sorted with the uniforms early, so no rushing about last minute. We are just practicing our reading, tables and spellings ready for the new term.

  20. We have lots of positive chats about what to expect, and we also bought a few books to read to them which makes the 1st day a fun thing to look forward to.

  21. Lots of practice with words/ phonics. Uniforms labelled and ironed. Bags labelled. Only thing left to buy are some winter coats.

  22. My daughter is starting secondary so we been trying to get her used to walking to school with friends we going to take her first few days slowly moving back meeting her closer to home

  23. My daughter has been buying school things since the start of the summer

  24. Gradually getting back to an earlier bedtime again. Just stationery and pencil case to buy now.

  25. We are having to try and get back into routine…it’s a struggle…for both of us!

  26. I’ve just finished buying the school uniform which has been very expensive this year as my daughter starts reception and my son has outgrown half his uniform!

  27. Just school shoes to buy now, starting reception this year… Eek!

  28. I bought all of their uniform in the first week of the holidays so it was over and done with x

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