How We Spent Half Term #AD

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Well its all back to normal now Evie’s back at school which amazingly she was really looking forward to. It’s so nice now she’s transferred Junior Schools to see her attitude towards learning improve again. Evie was actually away for most of half term as she missed out on some time with her dad because of the snow at the start of the month so had a bit more of an extended stay for February half term. We had to try and fit in our bits to do at the very start.

She ended her last week of the half term at school with Film and Writing Week and dressed up as Agnes from Dispicable Me. I “made” the outfit by getting a yellow top from next and drawing green lines on it with a pen, some dungarees from H&M alongside some yellow bamboo socks and white shows from Amazon (thanks Prime!) So many of the children looked amazing, there was even a transformer! It was great to end the school term on a high.

Girl dressed up as Agnes from Dispicable Me in Yellow Top, Dungarees and holding a Fluffy White and Pink Unicorn

We baked a pretty delicious chocolate cake too. I tried to make a cool looking video showing us making it but in stages, a bit stop motion like but ended up filming half of the clips the wrong way around so I ended up with this:

We were also very kindly gifted a digital copy on PS4 of the new How To Train Your Dragon:Dawn of New Riders game to play which has been a lot of fun! We all love a good video game and Evie’s really enjoying it so far.

tv stand with video game how to train your dragon riders of a new age on the television
Children playing video game in living room

We’ve also decided on that we need to get a new bed for Evie and so we’ve been looking at a high sleeper beds for her to try and save a bit of space, get some more storage and give her room a bit more of an older child feel. In particular we are looking for a bed that has a wardrobe and desk underneath and maybe a bit more of a staircase rather than a ladder that doubles up as drawers. We also want to get her an oversized beanbag so she has a comfy place to sit. There’s a lot of things we want to pay out for which is why we are focusing on paying off more debt in 2019!

We ended half term with a high at a lovely family meal celebrating my nans birthday which was lovely. It’s always nice to have all the family together and Felix of course got a lot of love, cuddles and attention. He’s now in size 6-9 month clothes, although they’re a little baggy, and got to try on his new PJs.

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