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I Wasn’t Well

Well this last week has gone by so fast and I’ve been trying to stick to my health plan. Despite the first week of the New Year being full of cold, cough, virus and whatever come to think of it I’m pretty sure I’ve had a chest infection…it’s taken a long time to recover and I haven’t been nearly as active as I would have liked to be but I have started making some changes to my health and self care this week. In an effort to Vlog weekly I’ve talked about the type of week I’ve had here.

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herbalife six day breakfast challenge

Firstly I took part in a six day breakfast trial which was given to me by Ellie, a herbalife consultant. I had six cups of herbal tea and six breakfast shakes to give me a good start to the day. I like a warm drink in the morning and it certainly helped to soothe my throat. The herbalife tea was fine, it tasted of tea and a hint of lemon. I drank it black with no sugar or sweeteners. I also started the day with a glass of lemon water as I’ve been told countless times that the lemon, which is full of antioxidants, helps to wake up and refresh the organs, helps flush out toxins and is just a good thing to do first thing in the morning. I thought the added vitamin C would be a bonus and I really love citrus flavours so this hasn’t been an issue at all. I’ve also started taking the Juice Plus premium capsules which were given to me by Samantha. These are the Fruit, Veg and Berry blend capsules, where you take two a day. Again whilst I’ve been fighting a virus I thought the added vitamins would help and hopefully speed up my recovery.

juice plus shakes and capsules

After the school run I had my morning shake which was part of the herbalife breakfast challenge. I find it easier to have after the school run because is great to have after exercise, like walking, and because if I have it before I know I’ll be needing to use the loo by the time I get to school. As I only had six days worth of shakes I’ll be moving on to the Juice Plus shakes for breakfast as provided to me by Samantha.

I haven’t done a lot of exercise at all this week apart from walking the school run and a bit of dancing one evening which actually really knocked me back the next day. It’s been really frustrating though because I’ve wanted to do more but haven’t had the energy.

fish and herby rice lunch

Food wise we’ve had a lot of leftovers from over Christmas and there’s still the odd box of chocolates. Rather than scoffing the lot I’ve just been limiting myself and enjoying a few because that way I’m not binging but I’m also not letting things go to waste. One of my goals this year is to save more money and cut down our outgoings so I’ve been trying to plan our meals better. I think this will help me to be more organised, use more of the stuff we have, have less waste and try new recipes. Some of the meals I’ve had this last week have included Fish with Citrus Rice which was a lovely lunch, Thai style coconut broth, a very spicy but delicious dish that made me feel so much better about cooking from scratch again. I’ve also enjoyed cottage pie, chilli and made a yummy potato salad.

individual cottage pie

This week I’ve put together our meal plan using what we already have left in the fridge and then I went over to Pinterest to get a few new ideas for our ingredients. This has made our shopping list really small and saved us some money for the week too.

This week I am hoping to cook:
Potato Salad
Tuna and Jacket Potato
Home Made Curry
Chicken Fajitas
Spag Bowl
Sausage and Mash
Stir Fry

This week’s shopping list
Frozen Fruit
4 x beans and sausages
2 bags frozen chicken
Tortilla wraps
3 x hazelnut milk
2 x stir fry veg
2 x instant mash
Pitta Bread
Naan Bread
Sandwich Fillers
Cheddar Cheese
Total Cost: Aim – £48 Actual Spend: £43.52
This week we shopped at: Asda

I’m using Receipt Hog – you photograph your receipts for shopping, meals out, anything you buy really and you earn coins which can be exchanged for Amazon vouchers. I’m half way through to my first Amazon voucher just for taking a photo of my receipt. It’s an app you can download and you can sign up with referral code bum66465 to earn more.

breville blender shakes smoothies

You might remember this from my wishlist. I managed to get a Breville Blender from Amazon thanks to my earnings in December from Swagbucks. I’ll also be having a shake for breakfast and some evenings a shake or smoothie for dinner too. I’m really looking forward to using my new blender to create some delicious shakes, smoothies and juices too.

Weigh In
Last Week: 19.3lbs
This week: 19.03lbs so a loss of almost three pounds. Not bad considering I’ve not eaten that well and I’ve been ill.

Aims for This Week
Daily Yoga for five minutes
2 x 20 minute workouts
10k Steps per day
3lbs loss




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