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10 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

2015 saw my absolute best year in blogging here at Candyfloss & Dreams and I am feeling really proud of myself for what I achieved. I was finally becoming a friend to Google rather than just a suspicious acquaintance. I saw my domain authority shoot up within a few months and, more importantly, I took the time to learn more about blogging. My knowledge increased therefore my skills increased and so did my confidence. I had regular daily traffic from a variety of sources. I’d formed new friendships and connections with other bloggers and not only was my personal development increasing but I also saw an increase in my online businesses.

Because of this I sort of feel sharing is caring and there is no point in me keeping what I found valuable and informative to myself because I am sure there are so many bloggers and writers out there that want to boost their blog or turn their blog into a business. I had a little research and I found out that some of the most common questions asked were ‘how do I make my blog more popular?’ ‘how do I make my posts go viral’ and ‘how can I make my blog a success’

When it comes to success there really is only two key ingredients and that is consistency and persistency. You will only ever fail if you quit. Don’t get me wrong it does take some time to build momentum however, I’ve found that taking small steps each day towards a goal or plan and implementing that into your daily routine or structure leads to consistency. Apparently it takes doing something sixteen to twenty-one times to make it a habit, and when you really think about it that’s not all that much time. There is also such a thing as a six to eight week turnaround meaning the work you do today will start having the desired and beneficial effect in six to eight weeks time. After that it’s just learn what works, repeat if it does, alter if it doesn’t.

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  1. Have Passion – often we hear the phrase write what we know which is absolutely true. You can’t just know however, you have to have true passion about your content. Inspiring content drives traffic to your blog and ultimately makes your post go viral because people will share what they find inspiring, informative and funny. So take the time to really find your passions, is it beauty? hair? fashion? business? lifestyle tips? parenting? writing in general? have a story to share? Whatever you are passionate about you can make that relatable, inspiring and interesting.
  2. Be an Expert – People like to follow the ‘top’ people in that given field so it’s important you research the best of the best in your given niche. Use every single day as a chance to learn something new about your niche. If it’s a business then take the time to increase your product knowledge, competitors, latest trends and so on. You need to come across as someone that knows what they’re talking about and live it.
  3. Answer Questions – this is where Google is an amazing tool because you can use it to find out what people want to know. Simply typing in ‘how do I…’ will give you a list, add your passion or what you want to write about and see what others want to know. It’s then just a case of either knowing the answer and adding that into your content or reading about it until you have found your answers. Make yourself a helpful and useful blogger as this will increase traffic to your blog and make other websites think of you as useful and helpful.
  4. Plan your Posts – this is something I’ve started doing only recently but I have found that creating a blog structure and theme has had real beneficial results. I often spend a bit of time reading on the subject I want to write about, brainstorming and using my personal social media to gather answers and solutions. People love to find a solution to whatever problem they’re having and if you can incorporate that into your writing and plan it so that it works well, you’re sure to get some good results.
  5. Connect – I have found connecting, speaking and commenting on other blog posts to drive people to visit me, increase my blog traffic and most importantly, gain new friendships. These people are doing the same as what I’m doing, they understand what it means to blog and I often get some of my best ideas from reading other inspiring posts and just chatting with other bloggers. Every business needs strong networks and connections and this is just another way of building one.
  6. Be Relatable – Have you ever heard the saying, people buy from people? Well it’s true. In the world of blogging people are inspired by real life stories, positive and negative experiences and knowing that there’s someone out there that at one point went through something similar to them. A lot of people turn to blogs for advice which is why it’s important to write inspiring and uplifting content as well as share your disappointments. Make sure you’re being honest and true to yourself and don’t ever feel like you have to share something, it’s going online after all, people will find it, so make sure you’re one hundred percent comfortable with the content you’re writing about.
  7. Schedule – It’s very easy to become too busy to regularly share your posts on Social Media which is where I get the majority of my blog traffic from. Therefore you really need to consider scheduling posts. I have Schedule Sunday and that day I plan my blog posts for the week, start writing up their structure, schedule social media posts and tweets and then I know I’m a little more prepared for the week ahead. Using a social media scheduling tool can really help with this. I use Buffer’s free service which allows up to 10 scheduled posts at anyone time. It also helps me find out the best times to post and ultimately get more people looking at my stuff.
  8. Share – Use a variety of social media and remember to upload content to places like Reddit, StumbleUpon and tweet/post at a variety of times during the day so that you reach more people. I found that adding a picture on Instagram and then sharing it on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr is much more productive than uploading it onto each site individually.
  9. Use #’s effectively – a great way to do this is to research top 100 #’s and see how you can incorporate that into your posts. It’s all about getting people to find you, and this is a great way to make yourself visible to a wider audience. You want to make your posts stand out to make other people intrigued about you, what you do and what you blog about.
  10. Join Online Communities – I found Facebook Groups is great for this. If you have a blog or business page, rather than spamming groups all the time with links and offers or promotions, whatever it is that you’re doing, share your fun posts, interaction posts, personality posts – this will bring people to your page because they will find you likeable. Sharing a post into a group also increases your weekly stats, post reach and is easier to monitor than posting links constantly from your personal page.

I received a lot of help thanks to female entrepreneur week and I wanted to give back to my readers. I’ve created an awesome 5 Day Free Business Booster Challenge and I’d love to see you there. It’s a five day business e-course that will help you create an actionable 90 day plan for your business and includes an awesome workbook. If you’re looking to look money online you can check out my guide to boosting your income here.

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  3. Really great read Kat. I always love to read someone else’s take on the things as I’m always looking to improve and change the way I do things. I was interested in your comment about sharing collectively across social media as opposed to one at a time? I tend to do the latter to mix it up a bit. I need to look at that. Nicky

    1. Author

      Thank you so much I’m glad you found it helpful. I mostly do this on instagram to be honest for photo sharing, but I have also set up my Facebook updates to go to Twitter as well as I found it was helping my engagement increase on Twitter! I still have so much to learn but they work best for me.

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