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The Inexpensive Personal Touches Of Home Décor

When you have a home, it’s quite natural to want to identify with your home décor. This is part of feeling that it is perfectly suited for your needs. While most homes follow similar build and structures, this can make it a little tricky to inject your personality into what is basically a box of bricks with a roof on top. We all have in mind the custom houses where homeowners are happy to spend millions to give their home sweet home the personality it needed. If celebrity names pop to mind when you think of personal homes, you might be thinking that a home with personality is an unachievable dream, something that is only for the wealthiest homeowners. In truth, there are a few tips to give your home a custom-made appearance without breaking the bank – and you don’t even need to work with a professional builder to plan a thorough home renovation project.

Each Room Has Different Needs

At the core of your home décor, there is an important piece of knowledge that you need to accept: Every room has a specific function. If you are familiar with the Feng Shui philosophy for the home, the décor of the room needs to support its purpose. provides visual examples in a gallery so that you can clearly understand the impact of Feng Shui. But, to put it simply, your home office is a place that is dedicated to work. As a result, the furniture and equipment you choose need to be work-related – this means that you shouldn’t place a TV or your fitness equipment in your home office. While this doesn’t give the room its personality, following the basic rules of Feng Shui helps you to keep a clear space: In short, more possibilities to be creative with your décor.

Simple And Tasteful Personalisation

A personal décor is a décor that matches your style and personality. If you are working under the assumption that DIY should be avoided at all costs, you can look for decorative elements that make a statement. Custom made curtains, from for example, are a good way to change the atmosphere in your living room or your bedroom. You can add a bright rug into a dull room to spice it up – for example, a modern geometry rug is ideal in a monochrome lounge. If you have a gardener soul, you can use plants indoors to create original shapes on the walls.

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Add colourful curtains


The DIY Weekend Projects To Personalise

You can always make your décor a DIY project if you want to create a deeper connection. Simples weekend work, such as picking a stylish wallpaper for the living room, can let you change the setting of a room visibly. If you are looking for an evening DIY, you can consider chalk painting furniture – like a chest of drawers for example – to bring to the room a dramatic, colourful accent. Chalk paint is easy to use, even for beginners and dries in less than an hour, so it’s perfect for a quick decorative adjustment.
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