July Highlights

Goodbye July and can I just ask how are we in August already? This year is going far too quickly for my liking. How was July for you? We had lots of exciting things happen.

Family Highlights

Mini Kat finished her first year at school with a glowing report. She has loved her teachers in Reception and is really looking forward to moving up to year one. I was so proud of her progress this year and she has made some really lovely new friends. Reading her report I picked up on what a kind and conscientious child she is and I just felt so proud of her. It showed me what I already knew to be honest, but there were a few points that I didn’t expect. Like how Mini Kat will often try to cheer other children up if they are feeling upset, that she is quick to dish out love and cuddles if another child is crying and that she never, ever gives up when she is trying something new. We have finished school with a very well rounded little girl who just loves to learn and make sure everyone around her is happy.

July saw me attend my very first blogging event which I loved! I met some fantastic bloggers and brands at #BigBloggerExpo and we had a great time. I’ve had the chance to sample some really lovely new products too which has been great and hopefully building up some long term working relationships with the business owners I met! I’ve reviewed a couple of pieces but can’t wait to show you more as we head firmly into August. I started writing a journal again too which has been great. I also got my business cards sorted which were designed by my sister who is currently studying graphic design at University.

July saw the release of Pokemon Go! and we have been walking loads even though school finished which has been great. We’ve actually been outside as a family and that’s really meant a lot considering we don’t have a garden. I really love how it’s got us excited about a game outside and brought some nostalgic value. We showed Mini Kat the first series of Pokemon which has got her absolutely hooked.

July means its time for our town Carnival which we watched from the corner of our road. It seems to get less epic every year which is such a shame because there are less floats. There are two town wide events that practically everyone turns up for and that’s the Carnival and the Lights switch on. Mini Kat had a lot of fun dressing up as supergirl though. We also saw my uncle get married to his partner of ten years which was a lovely and very special family occasion.

Blogging Highlights

big blogger expo, july highlights

Photo Credit: Maryam Sofia

My page views have gone back up past 1,500 which is great because I have lost a bit of focus recently. Big Blogger Expo really helped me acknowledge the potential of my blog and it was one of those “I want to do this forever!” moments – that is meet people, network and write. I have finally exceeded 600 likes on my Facebook page and 1K followers on both Twitter & Instagram. I’m engaging so much more on Twitter than I used to and I really thing that’s helped me increase and keep my followers. I’ve been a part of an Instagram community for about three months which has really helped grow my account and socialise with some lovely bloggers too which is great.

I am taking part in more guest series on other blogs to help me get back into the spirit of writing my story and writing for myself. My blog has sort of been over run by reviews lately and whilst that’s okay I need more of myself! This is not a platform for other companies to advertise, this is my little space on the web and whilst I am grateful for the amazing opportunities my blog has given me, I need to reign it in a little bit. As a part of that I’ve joined the Blogging Mum’s Squad and I almost have my first post ready to publish through them. I’m really excited about sharing my parenting opinions and journey as part of the squad. I have also opened my eyes up to some guest posting especially while I am away so be prepared to see some fresh voices and opinions coming through soon!

Exciting August

We have so many wonderful things to be excited about this month! July was great but August means we can finally say we go on holiday this month. I’m preparing lots of posts about getting holiday ready and researching what to do whilst we are away. It is also the month to plan for Mini Kat’s 6th Birthday…seriously, how is she 6 next month?! We are really hoping for a family trip to Chessington World of Adventures with my family before the Bubble Works ride closes. I really want her to experience that ride!

I am attending a blogger meet up on Saturday in London which will be great fun and I’m really looking forward to meeting some more bloggers. We are also doing a Jack the Ripper walking tour which I’m really excited about reviewing on my blog. We’ve wanted to do one for absolutely ages now. Mini Kat is having her first camping trip with my dad too, she’s going to love running around with his dogs and I’m sure she’ll have a great night.

Then of course there’s what we’ve been waiting for for over a year now, our seven day cruise to the beautiful Norwegian Fjords. It will just be Adam and I for the week as Mini Kat is with her grandparents and off to Tenby. I can not wait. It’s our first week long couple holiday abroad and we plan to relax, eat great food, sip cocktails by the pool and adventure our way around the four beautiful ports we are stopping in.

german shephard dog, july highlights

On a final night my mums gorgeous puppy Mia will turn one this month! She has become such a massive bear of a dog but she’s absolutely gorgeous.

What have you got planned for the rest of the summer holidays?


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