Summer Online Giveaway, Win £20 Amazon Gift Card this Summer

July #SummerFun Giveaway for £20 Amazon Gift Voucher

I wasn’t sure if we would ever actually see July but it’s here, finally! I can not wait for our holiday this month. There are lots of reasons to celebrate over the summer which is why I’ve decided to host this little giveaway. Kids are breaking up from school, holidays galore, fun holiday placements, time with family, warmer weather and lots of things to be positive and look forward to. I thought a little gift voucher would be a nice helping hand. It could go towards a paddling pool for the garden, sand castle tools for day trips to the beach or a little treat for the parents! Perhaps you’re going to be studying in September and need a bit of help getting some supplies. That’s why I’ve gone with Amazon, you can pretty much get everything you want from there these days.

I’d love to know about your summer plans! What are you doing and where are you going? Are you working the whole way through? Travelling? Spending time with the kids, family?Summer Online Giveaway, Win £20 Amazon Gift Card this Summer

E will be with her dad for the last two weeks of the summer holidays, returning just before her 7th Birthday. 7. That is just insane. I honestly think these last seven years have just whooshed on by. We will be celebrating with a trip to the Sea Life Centre and beach if the weather holds out. I’m really looking forward to that. Not to mention our week in Cornwall as a family. Other than that it’s business as usual but without the school run. I envision we will meet up with a few school friends, have trips to the park and enjoy our weekends together. The two weeks E is away I’ll be studying and working like crazy but I hope Adam and I will get a couple of days to go and do something together too.

Before you know it September will have rocked up and we will be ready for Year 2 which will be a whole other world. I’m looking forward to the summer and I hope you are too. I hope this little giveaway, ending 31st July 2017 will help!


  1. How kind, it must be really hard for parents who work and can’t take time off, the holidays are such a long time. We’ll be gardening, we have lots of raspberries, runner beans and tomatoes to pick and more importantly, water every day, or even twice a day in the extreme heat. Nothing beats your own home grown produce.

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