Keeping the kids active and moving

Keeping the Kids Moving

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Kids are little balls of pure energy. From the moment that they are born, they want to move and run and jump. It’s rare you will ever find a child who doesn’t want to run as fast as they can, jump as high as they can and hop with their friends. If the energy that comes from children could be bottled and sold, the seller would be a millionaire!

Tips on Keeping the Kids Moving, Active Children

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Keeping the kids moving and shaking is important and starting this as early as possible is important. When you’re a parent, you’ll get told you need to enrol your children in activities to keep them busy. We live in a world that relies heavily on technology for entertainment. Even us mums are guilty of being glued to social media, as it’s one of the few outlets into the ‘normal’ world that we have. Children are being given tablets younger and younger to entertain them and they play more on video games than ever before. The television has become almost a second parent when things get busy and while all those things are great in moderation, it’s not the only activity out there. So, how can you as a parent help your child learn while having fun? We’ve got some ideas:

  • Sports. Every child, boy or girl, loves sports. Perhaps not just watching, but getting involved in the competition and the sheer excitement of being cheered for as they succeed. Football, swimming and baseball are all amazing activities for kids to spend their time on during the week. Every child loves the chance to get involved in gymnastics and there are plenty of dance classes for kids that can give them a chance to stretch and evolve elegantly. Sports don’t just teach children to burn energy, but teamwork and competition in a controlled manner. Good sportsmanship is a good lesson to learn at a young age.
  • Work. Okay so perhaps not for the tiny ones, but if you’re looking to keep your teenager moving and off their computer screen, a newspaper round is a good idea. Not only are they getting out in the fresh air, but they will be cycling their way around the neighbourhood to earn some money for themselves. This sense of responsibility can give them something more than they get at home, as well as a little independence with money.
  • Nature. There’s not a child in this world who doesn’t love nature. Getting muddy in the rain at the park while worm hunting, learning about the Victorian language of flowers and learning how to care for animals outdoors are all things kids love to do. You can teach them there is more to the world than the iPad!

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Children need stimulation, that much is true. They need to have interaction and they need things to stay having fun while being educated and keeping them moving will also burn that extra energy so they sleep well at night. And let’s face it, they’re only young once, but every parent wants that extra bit of sleep at night!

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