Let’s Play Pokemon Go!

A brand new game available on the App store on Android in certain countries is taking social media by storm and that game is Pokemon Go!

Let’s Play Pokemon Go!

Even though this isn’t technically available in the UK yet you can bypass this. I have an iPhone which required me to set up a US apple ID in order to download the app. This is very simple to do. You simply alter the settings temporarily in your phone by signing out of your apple account, selecting a region the game is available in such as US, then creating a new apple ID, selecting ‘NONE’ for the payment information. I believe there is a separate download page for android games but I don’t have any experience with this. You can then download the game. Pokemon Go is a free game to download however you can opt to make microtransactions to buy poke coins.

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The game so far is really fun and there are more positives for me than just playing a game for nostalgic reasons. Once downloaded you meet Professor Willow who gives you a very brief introduction to the game and catching Pokemon. You can then go on to customise your character and select a username. I am KatCandyfloss!

Once your character is set you can select your starter Pokemon from the original series. I’ve read that there is a way to catch a Pikachu as your starter, but I just went ahead with my all time favourite – Charmander. It’s then time to get out there and start exploring!

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When I first started the game it was so strange seeing the streets I frequently walk come up on a game but thats what I think makes Pokemon Go really interesting. Its a type of virtual reality game that those of us that once clung to our Nintendos so fiercely have dreamed of and so far, it looks like it is a good move!

What’s Next?

After you’ve created your character and selected your starter you are free to explore and the first thing you should do is try and find the closest Pokestop. I found mine on the walk up to collect my daughter from school and found some extra pokeballs and an egg! These Pokestops refresh every twenty minutes or so which is great as you can keep checking back if it’s a route you frequent often, like the school run…

Once your character gets to level five you can look into battling gyms and trainers which I am really looking forward to doing.

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I love that this game relies on you getting out the house and walking about. Hatching eggs requires you to walk a specific distance so not only is this a fun game suitable for the whole family, it is going to make walking in general for geeks like me really fun! This is the kind of fitness game I have always wanted, despite it not actually being designed that way.

So far I’ve collected a Zubat, Pidgey and Weedle and I’m looking forward to exploring my home town a little more. I wonder if different Pokemon are out at night?

Have you got your hands on Pokemon Go yet?



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  1. My son would love this.

    1. It’s a big hit with my daughter too! Makes the school runs much more fun 🙂

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