Monthly chatty update, february 2018

The Long Month of January

I know I’m not the only one that feels January is exceptionally long and am I glad to see the back of it! It was a relatively unproductive month (despite haveing a lot of planners) for me to be honest but I’m back working full time on my blog and social media management. I’ve had some interesting and exciting campaigns to work on which has helped get me back into what I truly love doing. The weight loss hasn’t been very successful but today is the start of a brand new month so I am going to get back to meal planning again. We’ve fallen through, mostly because January is really depressing and no one is happy and when I’m unhappy I absolutely turn to comfort food. I did, however, join the local leisure centre and I plan to get back swimming a couple of times a week as well as having a gym induction. I don’t really like the gym but my aim is a minimum of thirty minutes of cardio each day and this will help me get my minimum of 10k steps. One thing I liked about the leisure centre was this use of a swimming tracker which I think will be really good.

Evie went on a school trip to visit HMS Victory in Portsmouth and it is pretty much all she has talked about. She had a really good time there and history really seems to be something she enjoys. She is getting on pretty well with school to be honest. We should be getting her Year 3 place in the next couple of months – I really can’t believe she will soon be in Junior school – it seems so crazy. She does struggle from time to time with her reading and writing but has a lot of strength in Science and Maths which is something I didn’t have at school. I’ve never been told about any incidents she’s been involved in and she seems to get on with most of the people in her class. She is getting quite interested in makeup which I sort of expected around this age and it is funny seeing her come out of her room with bright colours all over her face. She has her SATS at the end of the year and our school have a policy where we don’t really talk about it at home and to the children they make it just another week of workbooks. I think this is a pretty positive approach considering how against these tests I am. I don’t really have any concerns though.

Evie can, however, be very difficult when we are at home. It often makes me think I’m failing her. She is very loving but her mood flips and she is regularly throwing statements around that we are always telling her off. Her behaviour can be really explosive and almost come out of nowhere. I think in part she is a bit lonely being an only child and cooped up in this small flat with no garden. She gets frustrated so easily and can be quite physically aggressive┬áto us from time to time. It really is when it’s just the three of us at home and I think some of it comes down to feeling a bit trapped here in the flat. We are going to be getting rid of a lot of stuff over the coming months to make a bit more room for us all and just generally have a proper clear out. We should, hopefully be able to get out and about more at the weekends especially now I’ve joined our leisure centre which will make things like swimming a lot cheaper. There’s only so many times you can go to the same park which isn’t even that close to our house either. Half term is coming up too and she will be spending the first half of the week off with her dad so I’m glad she has something exciting to look forward too.

Adam is hard at work with college, assignments and exam revision however he has already had all five of his choices come back with conditional offers for university with varying offers which is really good news. He has one in mind that he thinks he’s going to accept but he has a bit of time until the deadline which is good. Juggling that with working 30 hours in the week is a strain for him, I can see, but he’s half way through his course now. It makes it easier for him, I think, having half terms off because it gives him a little respite.

And me, well, I’m getting on okay. I’ve felt very lazy and unproductive all month and I’m glad to see the back of January. I’m glad half term is soon to have a bit of a break from the school run although we won’t be doing anything. We never do really because it’s still so cold and the sun barely manages to break through – although I am grateful that we haven’t had lots of snow like some parts of the country. I honestly don’t function in the snow. My creative juices haven’t really been flowing very much so writing has been few and far between but I think I’m getting there. I’m really looking forward to going to Blog On in May and seeing my blogging friends. I’ve done okay with Swagbucks this month racking up 4,000 SB. I will aim to do much better in February!

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