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March Favourites 2016

I would love it if you could watch this little video I’ve made about my March favourites. I’m so excited to show you some of these finds and I really hope you like them.

Looking back March has been a bit of a strange month for us. I spent a lot of it quite unwell and I struggled a lot walking back and forward from school, coughing and spluttering most of the way but I seem to be very much on the mend now. I think I must have cut or bruised my throat from all the coughing because it was quite sore for a while after I started really feeling better in myself. At one point I thought it would turn into Sinisitus but thanks to Sudafed it didn’t get that far.

We had some highlights this month. Good Friday was a lovely day weather wise. We took a child-free chance to watch Batman V Superman which we both enjoyed and then spent the afternoon with family. The rest of the Easter weekend was fairly relaxing and I spent a lot of time prepping my face, body and nails for the Wedding we attended on the bank holiday Monday which was really lovely. The ceremony was absolutely beautiful, the food was delicious, the speeches made me tear up a little bit and the whole day was very special and I was so happy to be a part of my friends special day. She looked stunning. My daughter was away with her dad for the first part of the Easter break and so we have a whole week to have fun.

gel nails, impress nails, stick on nails, pink nails, gold nailsSo the first of my favourites was the imPRESS nails which I purchased from ASDA for £5.23 I picked pink and gold to match my outfit for the Wedding and I was truly impressed by the quality and ease of application with these nails. I am terrible for biting my nails, I don’t let them grow very long and so having fake nails for a while has been strange but I’ve filled them down to an easier to manage size for me however they’re not particularly long anyway and I think most people that are used to having longer nails would love these. There was plenty of choice in my local ASDA and I plan to repurchase more, especially for my cruise in August. I also found these very, very easy to remove and nowhere near as painful as other fake nails have been in the past.cute, red bow, bag, pencil case

I also got this really cute pencil case so I can reorganise my work space at home a little more. I can’t remember how much it was but I found it in the Stationary aisle in Wilkos.

touch of silver shampoo, platinum blonde hair, purple shampoo, purple toner

I’ve also had my hair cut and my roots coloured. Keeping blonde hair blonde is a pretty high maintance job which can really damage your hair. I try and leave mine as long as possible before touching up the roots just so that it doesn’t look too dead. However I do find my roots can look very brassy and orange so I use this touch of silver weekly shampoo treatment. It helps give it a little more life and makes it a little less orange. These tiny bottles are from my local pound shop!

actiderm, acti labs, actilabs wraps, wrap kit, body wraps, inch loss wraps

Next up is this Lipo wrap kit which I got from my Acti Labs kit when I became an Ambassador. It’s taken me absolutely ages to start using it but thought I wanted to try and shed a few inches before the wedding to try and make my dress a little more flattering. I’ve used wraps in the past for inch loss and whilst it’s not usually a long term thing unless you’re clean eating and excersising regularly it is nice for a bit of a boost and I will be continuing to use this to help tighten my skin whilst I lose weight. So far after four wraps I’ve lost 9″ over my stomach and that has stayed off throughout the course of the wraps. I still have quite a bit of product left in the bottle so plan to wrap a few more times over the next few weeks.gradual tanning lotion

I have also been using the Dove Derma Care gradual tan lotion mainly because I wanted to avoid the pasty white leg look under my dress for the wedding and tights just do not work for me at the moment. I also wanted to avoid leggings and I was really impressed with the results. This is an all-over body moisturiser with tanning properties to help give a sun-kissed glow. Something I think we’ve all been missing over the last few months! I got this from Boots and it was on offer at half price so was around £3.50 if I remember correctly. It was purchased with my trusty Boots advantage card.joe browns mary jane shoes, pink shoes, bow shoes

I purchased a pair of Joe Browns Mary Jane shoes with a tiny heel from Very. I have just fallen in love with Joe Browns clothing and shoes and can’t wait to add more pieces to my wardrobe. These were £39.scholl gel activ, heels, shoes, comfort

To go with the shoes as I am not used to wearing or walking in heels I paid a whopping £12.95 for these Scholl gel insoles. They were very comfy and made walking around in the shoes really easy as well as given me some extra outfit, pink dress

Sorry about the ironing board…it’s the only full-body photo I have of this dress! I love this dress, again from Very at £70. It’s a gorgeous pink chiffon dress with beautiful lace detail on the bodice. I felt it matched my shoes perfectly and I hope I will get some more use out of it at the wedding we are attending in July and for one of the formal nights on our cruise in August. In fact I love the whole outfit I had on the day of the wedding. The scarf was £6 from Peacocks and the Earings were £2 from ASDA. Luckily I don’t suffer reaction to cheap jewellery although I don’t often wear earrings.


I am also really trying to learn more about how to effectively put on makeup and contour. Especially trying to get the hang of blending so I spent a lot of time working on my face for the wedding and I was really happy with how it turned out. I had my haircut too so the pictures feature both long and short hair!march 2016 favourites, shoes, nails, pink


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  1. Wow love the dress and those shoes – they’re lovely. I can’t do heels at all any more though, even with the gel inserts 🙁 Great video too 🙂

    1. Author

      Thank you so much! The gels made it so much easier but I prefer flats any day of the week 🙂

  2. I love that pencil case, when I first saw it I thought it was a clutch bag. Its really cute. I love your dress and shoes. I really like Joe Brown stuff too, its nice and unique but also not to expensive either.
    Amanda. #kcacols

  3. So many people have been poorly this last month. There are some nasty things on the go. I like the Dove Tanning lotion. I will try it out. Oh and he nails are fab! X

    1. Author

      I know it’s horrible! Bring on the sun I say 🙂 thank you x

  4. Aww I’m a huge fan of the nails 🙂 always changing my nails colour and looking for new ones and ideas to try xx

  5. Hope you are feeling better. Good for you for being able to sneak out to the movies. Its so important to take a few minutes for ourselves once in a while #KCACOLS

    1. Author

      Yes much better thank you! I agree, and we do enjoy the cinema.

  6. I love silver shampoo. I always dip in and out of having blonde in my hair and discovering silver was a big moment. It meant not so many trips back to the hairdressers that’s for sure. I really want to see Batman V Superman, it looks so good. x

    1. Author

      It makes a big change doesn’t it! It was a great film, we really enjoyed it 🙂 x

  7. Sounds a fab weekend, and I love your wedding outfit – the dress and shoes are so pretty. I haven’t been to a wedding for ages, but we have one in May so I need to find something to wear too x

  8. Awesome nails! The only time I ever tried them I stuck them all on at different angles. Looked a bit demented… #KCACOLS

  9. Some great bits from March, I need to start using some gradual tanner so i don’t look too pale. I’ve actually just come back from seeing Batman Vs Superman and I thought it was generally pretty good x

    1. Author

      It’s had a lot of backlash from the critics but the people seem to love it so…just goes to show critics don’t know everything! Sometimes I think one bad review spans loads of bad reviews because the critics think that’s what they should be writing!

  10. I love love love your scarf! Will have to head over to Peacocks ASAP. The body wrap sounds magical as well, I’ve never done it before but a menthol feeling sounds lush. #BigPinkLink

    1. Author

      Thank you! I think Peacocks can have some lovely scarfs 🙂 Yeah it was much nicer than other wraps I’ve done before. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  11. That dress is gorgeous, it really suits you 🙂

    – Cydney

  12. Wow, you’ve made some fabulous purchases, and had a very exciting time, with the wedding, and the child free time!! There’s been a lot of negative reviews about Batman v Superman, but I think I’d still like to see it! I’ll start with THOSE SHOES!!!!!! Goergeous, I think I might have to get myself a pair! And they look beautiful with the dress! I also love anything pink and tulle!! I’ll have to check Very out, I’ve never bought from them before! I love the cute pencil case too! I also used to dye my hair blond, but now it’s my natural colour, because it really was giving up the ghost, and I was worried it was going to snap and fall out! I also have no clue with contouring (not sure what it is, or how to do it,) I’ve been wearing the same makeup since 2000!! I need to invest in something different! I couldn’t watch your video on my laptop for some reason, but I’ll try again later from my phone.
    Thanks so much for sharing with #bigpinklink!

    1. Author

      Thank you so much 🙂 the shoes are lovely! Yeah I know I really don’t know why it’s had so much negativity to be honest but there we go, I enjoyed it quite a bit 🙂

  13. Some great products Kat, and the video was great! I love those shoes and the nails are gorgeous! I will have to check that brand out! Thank you so much for linking up to #KCACOLS Hope you come back again next Sunday xx

    1. Author

      Thank you so much it means a lot! The nails are fab I’m hoping to get another set this month 🙂

  14. Ohh! I love touch of silver too! It’s one of the best brightening shampoos I’ve found and doesn’t leave a weird residue! Am going to check out your other recommendations now! Visiting from #bigpinklink 😉

    1. Author

      It’s great isn’t it! I love the stuff, works so well! Thanks for coming over 🙂

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