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Meet The Blogger: A Bit About Me

Hello, and welcome to my blog Candyfloss & Dreams. This is a family lifestyle blog that mostly documents the adventures I have with my friends and family. I also like to talk about topics and issues that are close to my heart such as anxiety, homelessness, blended families and a little sprinkle of socialism mixed in too.

I started my blog, like most of us do, for my complete love of writing. I feel I have grown since this really began way back in March 2013 although I’ve been working online, blogging and reviewing since May 2009. I like to update this page every so often as I grow up a little bit because I change but there are a few fundamentals, naturally, that stay the same.

I’m a Capricorn – not that it matters to most people but I do quite like a little bit of Astrology. I’m self employed but I’ve worked in many jobs from sales assistant to insurance auditing. I’ve been self employed since April 2015 because it’s easier for me to work at home around my children – of which I now have two – Evangeline born 2010 and Felix born 2018.

I currently live in North Hampshire with my partner Adam and our kids in a two bedroom council flat that costs more in rent than my 2 bed house in the midlands did. Adam is currently a student though so when he’s done with Uni we are hoping to up and move away.

I would describe myself as an intesectional working class feminist and an ally to my LGTBQ+ friends but I still have a lot to learn and work on. I am always willing to listen and grow and change and I hope that I can pass these attributes to my children too. I’m not quite an athiest, bordering more on agnostic with an interest in Pagan culture. I don’t practise or follow any though really. I am trying to be more eco concious which is tough when you’re living on a budget.

I am a complete introvert. I love to read. I don’t like the outside very much. I still play a lot of video games and procrastinate a lot when I should be working but when I’ve got a deadline I go above and beyond to make sure I meet it. I have a lot of online friends who I get to see every so often and have really helped bring me out of my shell. I have a small group of close knit friends who are the most amazing people.

I’ve changed a lot since 2012 when I came back to North Hampshire as a single parent, moving into a women’s refuge for ten months before being given priority for a council flat. It’s not been easy but my life is a million times better than it was with so much love, kindness and positivity surrounding me. I am also ditching diet culture.


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