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thanks to becoming a part of bookstagram, finding book boxes and finding so many recommendations i’ve got a to be read bookshelf that’s absolutely full to bursting. i thought i’d make a list of my ever expanding want to reads that i actually have and need to read.

a gathering of shadows and a conjuring of light be v.e. schwab
i finished a darker shade of magic last month and did quite enjoy it so i’m looking forward to finishing the trilogy and hoping to read the second, a gathering of shadows, this month

hold back the tide was from the march book box club mythical monsters set. the clubhouse chat is next month so i want to get in on that and get that read this month too.

one of us is lying, one of us is next and two can keep a secret are books i’ve had my eye on for ages. a good murder mystery thriller i believe. i’ve heard a lot of good things about these books and i can’t wait to get them read. i think i might need a break from all the fantasy world building soon and just sink into something really fast paced.

the library of the unwritten is a horror book that adam got me for mothers day. it was his choosing and was a cover pick for him as well as it being based in a library. i always love books with a good library. i dip in and out of horror books a few times a year as i have such a vivid imagination but this one sounds really intriguing.

the mermaid and the girl in read, both by christina henry. i love christina henry’s retellings. the alice series (yet to read the third) and lost boy were fantastic stories so these are two i’m really looking forward to reading.

sea witch is another ya mermaid type book which sounds really good and has an evie in it! i keep seeing it pictured and the cover is really striking so i’m looking forward to reading this one.

infinity sons was a book from the january illumicrate box which i’m going to take the time to read. it does sound interesting and it’s been on the back burner for a while.

six of crows is a book adam got me in january as a belated birthday present amongst a couple of special editions. i’ve heard loads of good things and i know this one will be in the shadow and bone netflix series. i’ve not finished the shadow and bone trilogy on audiobook yet though but i think these run sort of parallel to each other. i might be wrong there though. anyway i’m looking forward to this one a lot!

river of royal blood is a book i have actually started but then other books happened and i wanted to read those first. it sounds interesting though and is about sibling rivalry where you have to fight to the death. looks like a quick read as its only a few hundred pages and i could finish it quite quickly.

the winter of the witch is the last in the winternight trilogy. it’s a slow burn for me, beautifully written but i find it’s very slow moving for about 2/3’s of the book with the setting and building and then bam the last bit of the book is so full of tension and action which is great but they’re just not quick reads. i do love vasya though she’s a fearless character and i’m so intrigued by morozko

night circus i got this for my birthday and still haven’t gotten around to reading it despite so many people telling me how good it us

the binding is one i’m not sure i can deal with right now as it’s got some triggering sexual assualt references and i’m not in the right frame of mind. but i will get around to it when i’m feeling a little bit less restricted emotionally and mentally in between light hearted reads to give myself a bit of self care protection. i’ve heard loads of amazing things about this book though.

circe is one i really do want to read very soon as i love mythical retellings and circe is the goddess of magic and i’m getting into my witchy side again. but yes i love anything about greek mythology so this will be a great read i’m sure.

city of bones and the rest of the shadowhunters books. i’ve just finished the infernal devices trilogy and currently have city of bones on my shelf. i’ve got an exclusive copy of chain of gold coming in the next week or so too which i can not wait to unbox and show off as this, i believe, goes back to some of the characters from clockwork angel. i saw the set of the books in the works before things locked down. hopefully in the summer i can get the rest of the city of bones books.

broken throne is a from the red queen series of books and is kind of a companion book as well as a bit of a sequel to the original books. it has lots of extra content and maps so it’s very cool. it’s quite a big book though and a bit of an intimidating read but i will return to it gradually. it’s one you don’t have to read all in one go because it’s after the big end of the series. i think it’s more extra content and tying things together really.

other books on my to be read shelf are rereads from books i haven’t read in years so i’m looking forward to getting back into them. i’m doing really well with my good reads challenge and at the time of writing i’m on book 18/52 so i am sure i will be able to complete the challenge this year! i’m sure i’ll add to this shelf too as there are lots of books that i’m really excited about coming out this year and lots of books i’ve been told to read but haven’t gotten around to reading or buying just yet.

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