New Year, New Habits

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The New Year is a great opportunity to form new habits (image:

From watching your finances closer to pursuing a new hobby, the New Year is a great opportunity to start forming new habits. We all have things we want to change in our everyday lives. Some would like to quit smoking, some would like to lower their unhealthy calorie intake and others might want to start doing exercise more frequently.

If you, too, would like to develop some life-changing habits that will help you feel more realised, look no further. WIth the below in place, you could finally get your life back on track.

Exercise more

Christmas is coming, and with it the fear that all those Christmas parties will make you put on extra pounds. Whilst everyday food is of better standards than it used to be, not having a good and healthy diet in place can really lead to you adding on the pounds easily. Make the New Year an opportunity to get active and even enroll on one of these dance courses in order to get you in shape pronto! After all, dancing is being out of yourself, as Agnes De Mille once coined.

Eat healthily

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day…how many times do we have to sit around the table and gorge in such a short period of time? You have probably already started making a healthy diet part of your everyday routine, but after the overindulgent season that is Christmas, we feel we have to remind you that eating healthily is one of the keys to feel better about yourself. Why not follow these wonderful Martha Stewart recipes and mix healthy eating with tons of creativity?

Look after your money

Saving can be hard, we know, and even more so if you live in a big city where taking public transport is inevitable and socialising can be so expensive! Whereas living on zero is no fun and cannot be demanded of a hard-working beast like you, it is wise to put measures in place in order for you to ensure your money is being monitored closely. This means spending intelligently and ensuring that the right amount is going out and coming in. If you are unsure about how HMRC do the work at the end of the tax year, invest in an HMRC Investigation to see if you are getting back what you put in at the end of the hard working year.

Buy less but of higher quality

Spending money can be so easy, specially with so many tempting offers and attractive posters advertising products around. You used to be one of these people who would leave work and head to the shopping centre, to see if there would be anything you might want to purchase with the little pocket money you had on you. Whilst having new items of clothing and accessories will make you feel fresher every time you invest in a new garment, try to limit impulsive shopping and instead go for the long game and buy things that are a bit more expensive and upmarket but that will last you for years rather than weeks. For high quality clothing, try Fenwick; It’s a bit overpriced but this won’t be an issue if you visit their stores in the sale season.

Pursue a new hobby

Time is a constraint in this modern world, and it often prevents us from doing things we would like to do outside of the workplace. Whether it’s joining the pottery course you always dreamt of enrolling in or finishing the set of millinery classes you started, it is never too late to do something you love. You will feel more motivated towards all the other aspects of your life and who knows, it might even become your future career! City Lit has thousands of courses on a budget that could help you take your next step into outside-of-work education.

Take (at least) one vacation a year

Working has become one of our obsessions. Even with the massive developments that have taken place in technology over the last few years, we are still slaves to our professions. Next year it’s time to put a stop to that for a little while and take a holiday for at least a week in order to freshen up your mind. Experts recommend taking a holiday from time to time in order to boost energy levels. Why not start taking one vacation per year every year? Lonely Planet’s Best In Travel 2018 will help you make your mind up on a destination or two…

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